Via Doug Ross, here we have Karl Rove explaining how the Tea Party sucks, he’s great and he’s not going against the Tea Party, he’s being grilled hard by Establishment Tool, Sean Hannity. Rove is full of shit, read Dana Loesch’ tweets below. She misses explicitly saying, “Lying sack of shit”, but not by much. I can’t take Hannity, I tried to watch H&C for a while, but it got old once I found out they had found someone dumber than Alan Colmes. Now with it just him, I can’t take him.

In interesting news, also via Doug Ross, we see that Hagel is refusing to give some financial data to the Senate.  Joshuapundit thinks they’ll still confirm him. A good supposition. However, could this be the Howard Stern Gambit? Howard entered the NYS gov’s race as a joke and all of a sudden he was in the lead and had a very good chance of winning it. Well, it was a bit and he had absolutely no desire to win so he refused to file some financial documents and dropped out in a huff.

Could that be what Hagel is doing? Did someone, somewhere actually have the balls to say to Obama, “Get this idiot out of here before he makes us look even more stupid?”  The intriguing part of that is who was that person? Someone in the his admin? A Dem pol? CNN? Or, don’t laugh, even a GOP pol? You know Obama wouldn’t do it on his own, he’s far too sure of his rectitude to admit the possibility that he’s not perfect.

Tim Blair has two stories in Free Speech News. Spoiler Alert: It’s funny and scary. But then, you knew that.

I have to admit, this one was funny the first 3 or 400 times, but it is starting to get a bit stale.

A PROMINENT Danish writer who heads a controversial group that claims free speech is under threat from Islam has escaped an attempt on his life in Copenhagen.

The irony, it tickles.

This one is very funny, it might be the epitome of a nannarchy. It does sort of surprise me though.

This morning News Limited papers reported that under new National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines kids will be banned from blowing out candles on birthday cakes in the classroom

I would have figured they banned birthday parties (except Lenin’s of course) years ago.

Next, a bit of optimism. This guy says we won’t be screwed for a year.

If the law isn’t scaled back by 2014, we’re ruined.

It will never be scaled back by our politicians, it will only be scaled back by reality.

We’re already screwed, we’re cleaning our assholes now.

I love this one.   (Doug Ross again, you people should just go there and save me a lot of trouble)

Etheostoma Obama, is a relatively skinny orange and blue speckled fish topped by a brilliant fan-shaped fin, with bold orange stripes.

There is a fish named after Obama.

There is a fish named after Obama?

There is a fish named after Obama!

That’s not funny.


I saw part of a movie earlier, I’m going to have to check it out. It’s called “4 Lions“, it’s a comedy about a bunch of London jihadis trying to make an attack. I checked it out to see if it was endily funny or creepily conformist. EF for sure.

Spoiler Alert

There’s a hilarious ‘work accident’ and afterward the one jihadi is losing faith so he talks to his mother, “Maybe it was God’s plan for Omar to be blown up by a sheep.” and then, “Maybe you need to be there to make sure they blow up at the right time.”

I flipped by later and saw they were apparently on the way to an attack in their van. They were sitting there all glum and the music was all Arabic wailing, then an editing “…” and they were all bouncing around and singing some crappy 80s tune with the long beard type looking all pissed off. It looked pretty darn funny.


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