Got tied up today, so here’s a short round.

This one really pisses me off. It’s the fucking coldest thing you could do to people.

You’ve all seen the story about the tv station broadcasting a zombie warning. People seem to think it’s funny.

Me? I think of the poor bastards finding out that the warning was fake. Man, in about 20 minutes I’d have my windows boarded up and be on my way to loot Wal Mart shooting all the people staggering around on the way.

WTF? They’re having a deal where you can vote for a name for Pluto’s moons. Wait, Pluto has moons? You know what has moons? Planets, that’s fucking what. How about you assholes admit it’s a planet before we name its moons?

How about a Say Uncle link?

Poor fucking Ralphie, I hope he doesn’t move to NJ cuz Black Bart would eat his lunch.

Some appeals court in NJ upheld the state’s ban on buying more than on gun a month. Wait, check that, more than one BB fucking gun a month. BB guns apparently lead to murder or are for murder or something.

Seriously. How do you talk to people like that? “It’s a gun, it leads to more guns and when people have them they’ll go on to kill!!! Just like that guy in California.”

Remember when  bb guns just shot your eye out? Good times, good times.

Bob Owens has some hilarity that, if it happens, will surely signal the end.

So we all know politicians are idiots, that’s a given. In Illinois they passed an unconstitutional law that Teh Peepul actually fought, and they won! So Illinois had to fix their, “No handguns for anybody not a cop, union thug or on a security detail for someone important” law.

So they didn’t fix the law because people don’t get guns in commie dictatorships. Since they didn’t fix it, the laws of the United States say they’re supposed to default to constitutional carry (concealed carry without a permit).

Not gonna happen of course (it’s fucking Illinois, the law is meaningless to the rulers and only serves to beat the subjects down), but the chaos that their actions cause will be hilarious.

My prediction for the SOTU I just found out is about to happen.

Obama will blame all the bad stuff on others, say that those others are stopping him from fixing stuff, talk about how they need bi-partisan solutions so the GOP needs to get out of the way so he can fix the country.

The only suspense will be whether he calls on the GOP to be bi-partisany before he says they need to get out of the way or after.

Important Update!

Well, not that important, but it’s an update!

I like looking at the search terms that hit our blog most times, sometimes I’m pretty creeped out at the stuff that leads to here.

Three people came to the blog on this search, or three different parts of the blog were linked from that search or the same guy clicked the link three times.

where’s the creepy bunny with the missing ear carving a swastika on the wall with a plastic spoon?

Where? Indeed. I thought it might be Bun Bun, but he has both ears and uses a switchblade, so I’m stumped.

Later: I edited the “Where? Indeed” part.

  1. Lemur King says:

    BB-guns are gateway guns. You buy one and you are all but guaranteed to become a gun-waving psycho. Everyone knows that.

    • veeshir says:

      They get you hooked on BB guns because BBs are cheap and pumping is free so you get into it.
      Next thing you know you have a $500/week .45ACP habit.


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