Let’s start with beer.


That’s right people, Canada has bacon beer and they won’t share. (won’t ship to the US)

They really don’t need to be pissing America off right now, we got a threshold, Canada. we got a threshold for the abuse that we will take. Now, right now, we’re a fuckin’ race car, right, and our gov’t got us in the red. And we’re just sayin’, we’re just sayin’ that it’s fuckin’ dangerous to have a race car in the fuckin’ red. That’s all. We could blow. So don’t be bogarting that bacon beer!

So Obama spent an hour or so lying to the American people last night and Vodkapundit was there to get drunk and watch it so you don’t have to. I was able to get drunk and didn’t have to have a lying sack of shit harsh my buzz. Thanks Stephen!

I’m planning a post on that speech but I just can’t read the link with the transcript. I might have to read that tree-fucking link first to calm myself down.

FrnakJ must be taking his medication, his Harvey personality is on top. That’s the calm one.

Post updated to make this clear

There he links a guy who compares car regulations to gun regulations in a pointingly and laughingly way. Interesting, and infuriating as it so clearly illustrates that the whole, “We should regulate guns just like cars” deal is just surface stupidity that is used by and appeals to shallow-thinking people.

Eric notices they must have released the 4th edition of Stuff  Jefferson Said.

Not sure if you’ve seen the quote, but here it is

Experience demands that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term to the general prey of the rich on the poor.

Go to Eric’s to see exactly how that’s been dowdified, bowdlerized and cut from context.

Mad Magazine had a bit with movie reviews once, a guy would say, “This movie is horrible, go see a good movie instead” and the quote would read “This movie is a good movie!”. That was more honest than the above ‘quote’.

An’ by their friends shall ye know them.  Ted Cruz does something so despicable that I can’t believe he did it, when the committee was ‘debating’ the Hagel nomination, he noted that our enemies are surely happy about Hagel.

That’s just beyond the pale. I mean, the whole reason Obama wants the guy is because they’re in accord: America sucks, of course our enemies will be happy.

In NY we see they’re calling in the experts on frackingto determine how safe and envirowacko it is.

Yoko Ono!

Which is actually about perfect. No, bear with me. She’s already destroyed one of the greatest rock bands ever, wouldn’t finishing the destruction of a once great state be a standard career arc based on that? I just worry where she’s headed next.

Okay, this is one of my favorites.  So everybody remembers Knut, the cute, baby polar bear that freaked people out by growing into a full sized polar bear, then he died, right?.

So they skinned him, built a statue and put the fur on the statue. Sorta funny, so why is it my favorite? Quotes, people, always get the quotes for the full experience.

“It’s important to make clear we haven’t had Knut stuffed,” …”It’s an artistically valuable sculpture with the original fur.”

I’m not sure if I see a distinction there, stuffed or just skinned, but she’s happy about it so that’s all that matters.

Two things on this story.  That crazed cop-killing cop out west was in the battle with police as people were cheering him on via Twitter.

First, it’s funny how tea partiers who clean up after themselves and have pretty much proven prophetic about where Obama took our gov’t are vicious animals who must be stopped but murderous lefties are heroes.

Second, those people were cheering a guy the gov’t was trying to kill. Alternatively, people were cheering the guy who was trying to kill gov’t folks.

That can’t be good for California state gov’t.

Speaking of being pissed off about state gov’t, Olympic Arms told NYS they won’t be selling any more firearms to NY LEOs. Good. Fuck em.

I had some international WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!! things I wanted to get to, but I really want to get to the titties, so WWIII is just going to have to wait.

First, we’ve seen it all over but I’m linking for obvious reasons.

Her cupeth overfloweth!

I’m not exactly sure what that story is about, but it has something to do with Kate Upton’s tits so I’m linking.

Second, I started this post about 2 hours ago but as I got all the links something happened and I really needed to stop posting for a while. What happened?

This happened.  Headline from a story about Mila:

‘I’m happy to go naked, just don’t ask me about Ashton’

She wants to get naked and doesn’t want to talk about that tool? All we need now is bacon beer! Hey Mila, you wanna go to Canada?

This post needs pictures, hmmmm, what kind? I know! Pictures of Obama. Plenty of pictures of him below the fold!

Okay, I hope that those of you who clicked knew what I was doing. Otherwise, you are some sick, sick people.


Man oh man. Why haven’t I noticed her before?


That picture was taken 3 seconds too soon. Bastids!


That picture was taken right on time.

I had some more, but that’s enough. I need a smoke.

  1. >>>There he links a guy who compares car regulations to gun regulations. Interesting, and infuriating as it so clearly illustrates that the whole, “We should regulate guns just like cars” deal is just surface stupidity that is used by and appeals to shallow-thinking people.<<<

    Except for that pesky Constitution and its antiquated and difficult to understand language that says "…shall not be infringed.", I'm sure it's just fascinating and not at all mind-numbingly stupid.

  2. Lemur King says:

    Canadians are making Bacon Beer.

    This isn’t the great thing you think it is, veesh. I would expect you of all people to recognize that Canadian Bacon Beer is pretty much going to not be bacon-ey but rather Canadian bacon-ey and as such will be more appropriately described as “ham beer”. Whoop-tee-doo.

    Your lack of perception sickens me at times.

    Though pic #2 was pretty good, as you said it was three seconds too soon. Thus, the boycott continues.

  3. Canada? I’m in, as long as you’re driving!

    • Veeshir says:

      Ummmmm, I can’t.
      I have a letter somewhere from Canada saying I can’t stay but I can leave.
      Apparently there was some discussion about that last point.

  4. […] when we hit the Gulf of Mexico.  Or, we might have turned north and fled to Canada, home of watery Canadian Bacon Beer, which should be called “ham beer”.  Had we fled to Canada the odds are quite high that we’d have turned around and come back […]

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