Let’s start with infuriating so we can have some fun later on.

Yesterday I was going to cut n’ past the SOTU and put a link into every lie he told. I hadn’t watched the speech or read Vodkapundit’s drunkblogging yet, but I knew it would be fulll of lies.

So I put the speech into a “new post” and started.

I got to this part and had to stop

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, fellow citizens:

You forgot the illegal aliens you lying sack of shit. Your party is proud of it, own it.

So instead, I’ll link this about his worst lie.  Where he said obamacare was already reducing costs of, well, anything.

The worst part is that I bet he would pass any lie detector he would ever take, I bet he immediately believes whatever he says.

A little good news. Those guys think Iran is going to buy Nork nukular tech. So we have crappy p-shoppers buying nuke tech from Norks. Should make for some interesting explosions.

Two links on the cops’ execution of that cop-killing cop-psycho in California.

Fer it.

Agin it.

You make the call!

Gotta love this one. Brooklyn College had a “Let’s tell Terrorstan how much we love them!” event and some Jews showed up to present a differing viewpoint. Brooklyn College, being a college, understands that free speech is okay, so long as it’s only used when agreeing with your betters, so they were kicked out.

Now they’re suing, something about the First Amendment and freedom of speech and a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with America.

In more “Fuck the Jews” news, Human Rights Watch has an investigation into some actions Israel took to kill terrorists. Now, you know that they’ll find out the Jews aimed for the babies, but they usually allow Israel to respond. This time they have no time for that.

Because previous Israeli “operational debriefings” involving attacks were not conducted by trained military police investigators or dedicated to investigating alleged laws-of-war violations,

Get that? They don’t bother listening to the Jews cuz you just can’t trust them hooked-nose bastids.

I don’t feel like reading their bullshit (that’s a safe, Yourish link above), but you know they interviewed terrorists.

I will link them for one of their greatest hits.  That was their demand to investigate the Massacre Of Jenin!  where millions of Palestinian babies were killed!!!!!!!!!!! in a town of hundreds of thousands!!!! The Jews flew babies in just to murder them!!!!!

Turned out, the Israelis absolutely told the truth about what happened in Jenin and the terrorists in the PLO were lying through their teeth. You know, what always happens.

Rand Paul is my new hero, but that doesn’t make me any less infuriated/scared.

Seriously, he ran as someone who would fight the power, and he’s doing it.

The Kentucky Republican said he would do “whatever it takes” to block Brennan’s confirmation until he directly answers whether American citizens legally can be killed by drone strikes within U.S. borders.

Get it? The prospective CIA director is refusing to answer if Obama can use drones to kill me in America.

And that’s why I have my new “Who gives a shit? We’re fucking doomed” stance.

I mean, at least 78% of Americans should be freaking out about that but Minitrue is ignoring it as much as they can so nobody but the few tens of thousands who read righty blogs.(78% because 20-25% of people will usually go the opposite way of everybody else in a poll)

There should be hundreds of thousands of Americans protesting at every federal building everywhere in the fucking country.

The CIA director is refusing to say whether or not our God-President can have an RC plane kill me. The gov’t appears to be reserving the right to murder me. There’s no funny in that, just endy.

Missouri Democrats are making a bid to be where the 2nd American Revolution starts.

Missouri House Democrats have introduced an anti-gun bill which would …(ban) semi-automatic firearm possession:

I wish them luck.

In “Please don’t throw me in that briar patch’ news, we have Harry Reid begging Republicans to save Obama from his own stupidity.

Reid is daring the GOP to filibuster Hagel. Me? I want him approved. We really need to get to the down and dirty before Democrats take all our guns or Obama starts having his RC army kill us all.

Speaking of which, they have a new ‘combat’ medal for RC warfare and people who have won combat medals for actions that entailed that they leave the A/C and go out and get face to face with unfriendly strangers are not all that happy.

Now, I don’t have a dog in this fight in any way except I need the US military to keep people from killing me, but it seems out of bounds to give a ‘combat’ medal to someone who is not, in fact, in combat.

I do wonder one thing, do you get a Red, White and Blue cluster if you’ve killed an American citizen in America? That’s something that Obama would come up with.

Okay, this one pisses me off too. I mean, I understand our politicians and Minitrue “journalists” are far more important than I am, but Kanye West and one of those Kardashian things?  Seriously? They should go to the back of the line, the Kardashian can hand out blow-jobs as we wait for the illiterate, undertrained, uneducated asshole to grope us while Kanye can just drunkenly harass some poor, little blond girl instead of being escorted around the line I have to stand on.

So not only does the TSA shit on the 5th amendment, they’re giving preferential treatment to the scum of our society.


Now we’re at the best part of the post, the end!

I found this via MArooned.

You might want to click this link quickly because I think they’re shutting the intertubes down later on, this guy won and anything else would be anti-climactic.

Being good nerds, we all saw the link to the Lessons Learned from the Battle of Hoth, but Jay noticed something I did not. I usually avoid comments because really, every comment thread longer than 20 comments becomes exactly the same comment thread.

First comment


Have you even served with the Imperial forces? Sure it’s easy to take potshots from your military blog in some no-name star system while the fleet and its legions fight the rebel insurgents, but combined space/air/ground operations are a lot messier than any infographic could ever portray….

Then he gets funny, RTWT before they shut the ‘tubes down.

Jordan Viray wins the tubes! I wonder if we can talk Obama into making a class of that RC medal for intertubes commenters? I mean, it’s far more risky to comment on the ‘tubes than to sit in an air conditioned room, playing Nintendo.

  1. Nicole says:

    So… every state will end up “testing the waters” and they ‘ll keep on “testing” until they get something rammed through one of these years. I really, really dislike these people. “Doing something, doing anything” isn’t always better than doing nothing. But that’s not what this is about at the root of it. I hate talking like this because it makes me feel all black helicoptery, but what is at the root of this bullshit is control of the populace. Sure, every pol who thinks these gun bills are good isn’t into it for that. Some of them are just genuinely stupid and believe the proposed laws will help and some of them are simply going along to get along and get reelected. Not sure I see much variation in level of despicability, though.

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