Paranoid Enough?

Posted: February 14, 2013 by veeshir in Notes on the Revolution

One of my biggest worries, besides running out of Nutella, is whether I’m paranoid enough.
So I was having a cigar and a cup of coffee, birling the tubes, when I noticed that I kept coming across some fucked up shit going on and I started thinking.

I know, a dangerous thing to do, but I do try to do it once in a while. If only to keep my skills honed for when I’m hunting coyotes. They’re clever bastards.

So I decided to do something I’d vowed to never do again, think about an aspect of The Funniest End of Civilization Ever! (now with an exclamation point! More coming soon!!!! I fear) and write a post about it. My heart is beating a little hard and that knot in my stomach is back.

The things I do for your people. Don’t forget to hit the tip jar in the upper, right corner.

This got very long so it’s below the fold.

Someone asked the other day what I thought would cause the end, I made an attempt at a lightly humorous response, but now I’m actually thinking I might be the guy who is killed and eaten when he won’t stop telling people, “I told you so.” That would actually be a fitting end for me. Just ask my family, they’ve considered that option more than once.

My contention is that the “debate” our fine media betters, most especially including the fine nitwits at Foxnews, keep talking about is not really a debate.

The American people want their guns. Period.

Meanwhile, the politicians are trying to figure out how much they can get away with and still  be reelected in the next  election that comes up. (warning: many of those links are to sites I wouldn’t ordinarily link, like the Puff Hos or NY Times, originally that sentence ended at “get away with”, but I just kept finding more links to more shackles. I almost kept it up for a long time going around the states and congresscritters, but I want to get to the rest of the post)

Okay, one more.

It’s the perfect time so far as our fine political betters are concerned, an off-election year. By next year the stupid Americans will have forgotten that they took our guns so they’ll be re-elected. They have a low opinion of the electorate, which low opinion Obama has shown to be fully deserved.

However, taking guns isn’t the same thing as taking our money. Sure we get fucking pissed off, but what the hell are we going to do? Not pay taxes? Yeah, that doesn’t work out so well. They come with lots of guns and take you away, if you let it come to that.

But taking guns will provoke a response from people who would normally just say, “Fuck” and go along when it’s taking money. Money is money, but guns are a whole nother thing.

Look at upstate NY, the sheriffs are pissed and even the politicians are pissed off. Saratoga county is north of Albany, some is suburbs and the rest is forest and stuff. As for the politicians getting upset,  Green  County is mostly made up of NYS Thruway and Catskill mountains including ski resorts, Ulster County is lowland, part city of Kingston (which, like most of the industrial cities in upstate NY, looks much like a small version of Queens, NY) and mostly farmland, forest, apple orchards, Woodstock and two reservoirs. They’re both working on resolutions against NY’s “No Guns For You” Law.

Another data point, that’s the Kingston Daily Freeman. I grew up in the Greater Kingston Metropolitan Area, I know the Daily Freeman and that, sir, is not an article from the Daily Freeman. That is a straight news story merely reciting facts and allowing each side to state its position. The Daily Fucking Freeman committed an act of journalism!!!!!!! The end must be near. Repent your sins.

Other residents of NY are talking insurrection , it started when the law passed and isn’t going away. It’s getting stronger.

Hell, we’ve even seen an Aussie who can’t own a gun get pissed off at anti-gun hysteria.

Recall we first saw WND get scared about the gov’t buying bullets, I linked it mostly because I thought it was funny. I mean, they’ve written that exact, same article probably 45-50 times, except this time they had the fact of the gov’t buying bullets. I figured they were pumped they had proof. The same way I would point and laugh at people who find “evidence” of aliens among us and get all excited.

But then something happened, the same paranoia spread to other places, sane places, places that don’t rhyme with “Krebka” or “Whosmax”.

Places like  Doug Ross’, whose Larwyn’s Lynx are so fucking depressing, then Investor’s Business Daily,  who I don’t think are conspiracy folks, and Grim over at Blackfive, which I find an interesting development, considering that against my knowledge of human nature, I’m sure our military will never fire on us.

Which leads us to our newest set of good paranoia. Do a search for “Obama generals fires”, and look at all the generals he’s fired, then, let’s look at this good paranoia from what might be a paranoia site who looks at a bunch of different things and adds in a little dollop of fucking scary.

Obama only wants generals who will order troops to fire on Americans. So what? Just some dude at a conspiracy blog.

Well, it’s spreading.  Now, I understand the Examiner is not exactly the gold standard in journalism today, but then, you can say that about every news outlet. The gold standard in journalism is the only gold that is going down in value. The Freepers are all over it too, you can go there and make up your mind.

But…. the Examiner is a relatively respectable paper and they’re printing that. That’s the point we’ll get back to shortly.

Now, let’s discuss drones.

We have a city in VA telling the feds no fucking drones while we have the state of California using one to hunt a fugitive.

As we just saw, or rather would if any of us read this blog, we have a CIA nominee who is apparently refusing to answer the question of whether they will use armed drones in America and a new medal for playing Nintendo*.

(*I do not intend that to demean the service of people who fly our drones, they provide an important service. I would think they do not deserve a combat medal when they are not risking their lives. There’s a reason so many Medals of Honor are posthumous)

I would say the argument for is that it will make people feel a little better about killing, make them feel like part of the military and not the Nintendo Nation. I would have no idea as to whether that is true or even a good ‘fer’ argument, but that’s the one I can think of.

Now my own paranoia, I just thought about because I am writing this fucking post I never wanted to write, why does the military have combat medals for people who only see vicarious combat?

Which leads us to the reason the military has medals. They use them not just to reward extreme heroism, but to show others that the form of respect most visible in their community (the military) is given to those who are most brave and perform their duty in extreme and trying circumstances. It might convince another man to stand and take it when a sane person would run away faster than the smell of shit coming from his trousers.

So what might make flying an RC plane difficult, trying and requiring ‘bravery’ and so need encouragement? That’s right, shooting at me. Which receiving a medal would make killing me not just respectable, but brave.

That’s fucking scary God-Damned Paranoia. Absofuckinglutely unfuckingthinkable.

And yet, so very thinkable.

So where does that bring us? For the last 50 or so years we’ve seen the gov’t expanding into every facet of our lives. You can’t plant a garden in some places without asking the gov’t. You’ll have to get an environmental impact statement and if there’s a rare, darter snake living in that patch of weeds and mosquitoes, well, no garden for you. People are fucking pissed off. But they could take it with humor even as they got so pissed off. Now we have the war on drugs with the loss of 5th Amendment rights, armed invasions and militarizing of the police. That’s not so funny and a lot scarier so I’m not even looking for links to that, just do a search on “Balko puppicide” for some stomach, turning shit that I refuse to even think about.

so we have the gov’t refusing to talk about not killing us, the gov’t buying ammo, the gov’t trying to take our guns,

So where does that leave us? I’m getting closer to the damn point! Yay!

I don’t know if the paranoia about the gov’t is deserved.

Take Fast and Furious, where, as the admin was screeching about American guns going to Mexico they were facilitating the sale of guns to criminals in the US for transfer to criminals in Mexico.

Those are the facts of the matter and the only conclusion is that immediately upon his ascension to the Throne, he began to try to take my freedom.

There are so many examples, but them trying to take my guns and the CIA director refusing to say he can’t kill me with his Cox Skybomber scares the living shit out of me. I mean that most sincerely.

The fact that enough respectable people (and I)  think such thoughts are plausible is very fucking bad.

Any gov’t is a deal between Teh Peepul and the rulers.

Before America, the deal was, “Don’t kill us too much, don’t take all our food and we’ll let you fuck our wives and daughters.

Then America came round and our deal was, “Don’t fuck with us or the Constitution too much, keep the graft down, at least pretend to love America, pretend to kiss our asses and we won’t pay any attention at all.

So Adams, Jefferson, Madison and the rest conspired to give us guns so the first part of the earlier deal can no longer be enforced.

Now, they’ve been bending the deal for a long time and most pols have had little respect for people, they’re pretty much just PT Barnum without the elephants (but with the clowns), but it was always on the sly, we lost rights and the shows of respect a little at a time, drip, drip, drip.

Now, they do not respect at all and further, refuse to even pretend they do (see, every presidential candidate since Ronnie Raygun) and they’re thinking they’re ruling EUnuchs.

There’s a reason our forefathers were kicked out of every decent country in the world, Homey don’t play that.

So the point.

If they really do go for guns, that will be the spark. I’m not saying I’m going to go looking for a bell tower.

Let’s look at Missouri. Let’s say that they manage to pass that law. Every semi-auto firearm in the state is banned.

That means: all those millions of AR-15s and AKs everybody’s buying the last few months, it also means your semi-auto replicas of auto weapons like an Uzi or something, it means the SKS you got cheap for deer hunting, it means the Remington you got for your 16th birthday to hunt dear, the Benelli shotgun you bought for $1400 to shoot skeet, the Garand your grandfather brought home from the war, the M1-Carbine your uncle did the same with and every handgun in the state not a revolver. Considering they’re idiots, they might write the law such that a revolver could be construed as “semi-auto”, as there is a shot every trigger pull until you run out, so every handgun in the state is outlawed in a minute.

So what happens next? Do the police try to enforce it?

And what the fuck happens if the police refuse to enforce it? Which circumstance we’re seeing the beginnings of in NYS (Saratoga Sheriff’s assc from above) with a much less onerous, but still ridiculously non-thought-out law.

What happens when nobody respects the rule of law?

The deal that is America is gone.

America a nation of laws not of men and nobody respects the laws already, this will mean nobody will follow the law. It’s already impossible to not break a law, I’ve probably broken 4 or 5 just while writing this post.

In the military there is a maxim: You do not give an order you know will not be obeyed. I’d guess the unspoken addendum would be, “Unless you’re willing to shoot everybody who disobeys it”

The reason you don’t do that is because then not following the next order is easier.

We’re at that stage where nobody respects the orders (laws) and once they get more and more fucking crazy, (as in, “fuck the fucking Constitution you stupid tea party asshole” crazy) nobody follows any law they don’t agree with.


So what follows? There are only two options: Anarchy or nannarchy as the Empire Strikes Back.

All I can say is, we need much better Jedi than Lucas ever thought up.

I did something I almost never do, I actually re-read this before posting and tried to fix the grammar and spelling.

I probably shouldn’t make fun of FrnakJ for pretty much what I do all the time, but seriously, where would the Intertubes be if it had introspection?

The worst part? I forgot the part about Adams, Jefferson and Madison making sure we had guns so I had to add it in when I reread after posting.

  1. alexthechick says:

    I’m starting to believe there’s no way to be paranoid enough.

    Some police force somewhere is going to try to enforce some draconian gun law. This time it won’t be those nutty religious freaks getting burnt out or those freaky survivalists getting shot. It will be nice Mr. Franklin down the corner who refused to turn in his guns and the staties show up with a SWAT team and shoot his dog in front of his wife and then they shoot up the house and the neighbors see it and then? Then it’s on. It’s on and it’s ugly and hey there hot war civil war.

    The majority of this country does not believe the government has the consent of the governed. There are no words, well, no words that I want to use, for how bad that is. One spark and boom.

    Oh sweet sweet gravity, please to be sucking that asteroid into us tomorrow.

    • veeshir says:

      And now we see why I just point and laugh anymore, thinking is so fucking depressingly scary.
      You really don’t want to know what I’ve been thinking about the international scene.

  2. Rob in Katy says:

    I keep telling my liberal friends, well the ones that I used to have, when you tell me all the laws that I live by have been superseded by a lawless president (yeah, left that lower case on purpose), governor or mayor they what prevents me from stomping your head in – other than my belief in God – oh but you took that away too. What does that goofy Arab Puppet say? Screw you Commie assholes!

  3. azmrmacs says:

    When did you develop clairvoyance? I think that you’re channeling a large number of citizens and military. As I tell friends, things are getting weird out there, and it ain’t gonna get better soon. Be ready for whatever happens.
    You’re lucky to live where you are. I gotta get outa the state I live in.

  4. MikeD says:

    Well Vee, I’ll tell you the same thing I told a friend of mine who linked the “President asks generals if they’d shoot civilians” thing. Even assuming he can find enough syncophantic generals to take that illegal order, there’s a whole chain of command between those generals and the privates pulling triggers. And every last one of those officers, and the enlisted troops with them, are taught what illegal orders are, and how to respond to them. So even assuming General Asskisser tells a corrupt POTUS “sure, I’ll order troops to kill civilians engaged in their constitutional rights!” when he turns to the Corps commander (or Division commander) and issues that order, he’s probably going to tell GEN Asskisser, “fuck you sir, and I’m placing you under arrest.” Or let’s assume, we’ve got another sycophant there (after all, Generals are all appointed by congress). So he turns around and orders his Brigade Commander to do it. Again, most likely “fuck you sir, and I’m placing you under arrest”. But he’s a one star, so maybe he’s a politician as well. So he orders his Battalion Commanders. Now you’ve got 3-5 career LTCs. None of whom needed Congressional approval for their rank. They’re definately going to tell the General to piss off. But even if they didn’t, and their Sergeants Major didn’t kick their asses for not arresting the General, they’ve each got 3-5 Captains under them. These guys pretty much don’t have a political bone in their bodies (as far as needing to kiss ass to get their rank). And they have First Sergeants who will outright mutiny against them for these orders (and anyone in the Army can tell you, the 1SG only lets the CPT think he runs the Company). But even then, beneath him the Company Comander has 4 LTs with Platoon Sergeants who hold their hands. None of them will stand for this shit.

    In short, sure, the POTUS COULD order this. And he’d face an immediate mutiny in the ranks. There is zero doubt in my mind of this. Now, it’d still be endy as shit since you’d literally be looking at a military coup in this country. But that’s what the whole Oath of Service is about. You obey the President and Officers appointed above you, but you protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, not Xerxes. But, even if you think I’m full of shit, there’s still this. Even counting every member of the military on a corrupt government’s side; and counting every Federal, State, and Local law enforcement officer as well… US citizen gun owners outnumber all of them by a wide margin. That’s a battle a corrupt government would still lose.

    • veeshir says:

      See, I agree with you. That’s why I wrote considering that against my knowledge of human nature, I’m sure our military will never fire on us.

      I meant for most of what I wrote to be about perceptions.

      People, sane people,are worried Obama is making sure his generals will order troops to fire on me.

      That’s fucking scary as hell.

      It’s not like some idiot lefty spewing about Bush being a war criminal, as we knew then and and can see now, from their silence as Obama does worse, they weren’t serious.

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