Round The Tubes: Sonamabatch Edition

Posted: February 15, 2013 by veeshir in Exploding things, FAIL, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Queerblogging, Shoeblogging, Soccer - sport of men, Uncategorized

Sonamabatch, I did that post yesterday and I just can’t get my Teh Funny back.

Let’s see if the FEOCE! can cheer me up.

Okay, now normally I would think is funny, but today I just cry for the youth.  I don’t know anything about that site except they’re insane.

Four years later, as President Obama starts his second term as president, the country needs not just a mention of the need for more college graduates but also a comprehensive strategy for producing those college graduates — the kind of strategy that the administration has designed and executed for the education that comes before college.

Wait, what? You mean taking tasty food away from them? Because other than that and shooting down vouchers for poor blacks in DC, the only thing he’s done in lower education is make the special ed class feel like fucking geniuses.

Damn, that should have been fucking hilarious, I mean, that moh-ron thinks Obama gives shit one about anything but power for the gov’t and was actually happy about his SOTU, but yesterday just destroyed me for a day or so.

SMOD’s dry run went well, don’t you think?

meteorite plunged to earth in Russia’s Ural Mountains Friday, exploding into flames in a powerful blast that smashed windows and injured around 1,000 people.

Dam, even that can’t cheer me up.

Crap, more Islamists copying our God-President and firing generals before his putsch. Man that just sucks.

So why link it? Because I’m pissed off at Minitrue and these idjits piss me off.

his is yet another calculated maneuver by Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to ensure that the Turkish armed forces are never again able to illegally take over the government

Illegally? No, that’s their job whenever the jihadi assholes try to take over Turkey. So actually what Erdogan is doing is probably illegal as he wants Islamist assholes to take over and KILL US ALL!!!!!

Shit, people trying to KILL US ALL!!!, usually makes me laugh. This just sucks.

More on that “debate” we’re having over guns.

So in Minnesota they wanted to have a “conversation” on guns, so they called in some gun experts to discuss that assault weapon that’s terrorized so many soda cans, the Ruger 10/22.

n the video, DFL legislators simply arise and exit without explanation. They avoid learning details from the presentation about the very firearms they seek to legislate out of existence.

They don’t want a “conversation”, fuck people, doesn’t anybody pay any fucking attention?

No politicians want a “conversation” or “debate” on guns, most want to take them away from us and Rand Paul doesn’t. The only “debate’ is how much those assholes think they can get away with.

Dammit, still can’t find the funny.

This is Ta Nehisi Coates (wow, I’ve been seeing that name for years, I thought it was an Egyptian god) struggling with how people can lionize that murderous asshole out west.

Because he believed the right things about the right people. Geez, it’s not rocket science or brain surgery.

Dammit, I just keep blowing jokes. This is pissing me off. Is it 5 O’clock somewhere?

The Firearm Blog is freaking out because Amazon is going to stop selling something. They’re not sure what, but it’s related to guns so SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!!!

I checked Amazon’s page, unless they’ve changed something and are trying to keep it quiet, it hasn’t changed. 48 hour rule folks.

More bullshit ‘science‘.

Recent research suggests that warm weather impairs our ability to make complex decisions

So how do you explain global warmmongering Mr Smarty Pants?  Huh?

As it’s gotten cooler, they’ve gotten stupider and more vocally idiotic. Geez, doesn’t anybody do science anymore?

Now a few mea dumbas.

Last week I mentioned that Chicago city pols are idiots, like Barbara Boxer or Maxine Waters only stupider. I could have just written, “They are basically just Sheila Jackson Lee

I stand here as a freed slave because this Congress came together.

My only question is: How many people on her staff are there merely to remind her to breathe?
I wish I was laughing at stuff today, because I would point and saying something about her being re-elected and doing drugs with Cynthia McKinney, but I just can’t work up the laughs.
Another mea dumba, I wrote about Battleship and was pissed they didn’t use the joke about a Japanese guy captaining the Missouri to bomb Pearl, but I missed the joke about the buoys. It wasn’t until probably the third time I saw that scene and realized, “They’re playing Battleship!”
I felt pretty darn stupid.
Last mea dumba while I’m doing it, I like movies with the Rock. Not so bad, but here goes the bad part. I like his Mysterious Island movie, I’ve watched it while messing with the computer so if I’m doing something I don’t change the channel right away, at the end of that movie he sings “What a wonderful world” with a band and he really, really, really gets into, he even encourages the band to rock out.
I enjoy it. Seriously, I found myself singing along the other day.
So sad.
Oh well, SMOD will be here later today so we have that going for us.
I fucking hate computers, I’ve tried to fix the last few paragraphs with extra line breaks to spread it out and make it easier to read but it won’t fucking work.
Sonomabatch, does anybody know if there’s a way to get to the Internet without computers?
  1. azmrmacs says:

    It’s ALWAYS after 5 o’clock somewhere in the World. If you’d ever been an aircrew member, you’d have learned that.
    The more important question is: how fit-shased to get?

  2. Nicole says:

    If I wasn’t already expecting rock bottom out of my fellow humans, this post full of links to subliterate idiocy and proof that the ignorant truly do thrive might depress me somewhat. Good thing I’m already waiting for the EOTWAWKI without any of the funny. I think the after 5 o’clock rule belongs to a better time. Time to start the “I’m almost conscious and I’ve read a news story” rule.

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