Round The Tubes: Let’s See What Theme Pops Up Edition

Posted: February 16, 2013 by veeshir in Exploding things, Filthy Hippies, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Hotassery, Jitardis, Obama's Fault

I have a bunch of links, I’m not sure of the theme yet, let’s see what happens!

I’ve been ignoring the rest of the world lately, let’s start overseas.

This is one of those, “We’re in agreement so why argue?” links.

Palestinians around the West Bank on Friday staged solidarity events for prisoners held by Israel and on hunger strike,

Listen, I want terrorists to continue their hunger strike too, I mean, they’re still alive, let’s get them starved to death.

For peace!

You know I like Israel a lot. They show a lot of restraint and humor (one of my favorites was Mossad using EUnuch passports to kill some PLO terrorists in Yemen or something), but they can also be the dumbest people on the face on the Earth.

Case in point.  According to that article, they’re ‘negotiating’ with the PLO jihadis using the newly jihadi gov’t in Egypt as intermediaries.

I’m not sure how helpful that is. For Israel at least, if the PLO terrorists forget to say they’ll kill the Jews, the Egyptian ones will just cover the slack.

I love this one, the mad mullahs are the funniest jihadis we have left.

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Saturday expressed disappointment at intense public infighting

He claims to be talking about the mullarchy arguing with each other, but I’d bet he really means this.

a senior commander in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps, had been killed by “armed terrorists” while traveling from Damascus to Beirut.

When jihadi fights jihadi it’s the opposite of when the Cowboys play the Eagles. When the Cowboys play the Eagles on of them has to win, when jihadi fights jihadi I can hope they’ll all just blow themselves up.
This is one of those ones I’m not sure how to react. During Obama’s lieathon the other night (did he really say he had reduced the deficit by $2trillion?), the Russians had some nukular bombers circling Guam.
On the one hand, very provocative, on the other hand, like us the Russians still have the same strategic bombers from 50 years ago, however theirs are propeller driven piles of antiquated….
Propeller driven planes carrying 20 year old crappy commie cruise missiles is just not that scary. If they actually want to launch, they had better have like 50 or more so they can get one or two to actually work.
Are the Russians becoming the Norks? Are we going to have two countries sitting around, banging their sippy cups, warning us they’re going to KILL US ALL!!!!!!!!
That might actually be funny.
Well, that’s the segway into domestic stuff.
Man oh man am I glad I didn’t try that “Link all the lies in SOTU” post I was planning. He claimed he took $2 trillion off the deficit.
In a just world, 535 would have shouted, “You lie” in unison.
Of course, in a just world Obama would be an angry Race Studies prof in some Scandinavian university and not POTUS.
FrnakJ writes the story of my life in this headline.
He’s talking about Bloomberg outlawing styrofoam in NYC and headlines it with this.
“Have Some Self-Respect; Don’t Be a New Yorker”
I do, that’s why I’m not any more.
Another FrnakJ link, here his Harvey personality found the best blog. I can’t believe I haven’t read that blog before, has anybody here read it?
Nother Gateway Pundit link, what’s up with Wisconsin, are they trying to become the most insanely leftists state in the Union? Cuz I gotta tell you, they’re like 5 or 6th at best and for them to take the top spot would involve some freakily hilarious destruction.
This is a good start though.
A Democratic state senator and three Democratic state representatives have circulated draft legislation that would ban civilian possession of hollow point or frangible ammunition.
Just like NJ!
What we need to do is get half of the lefty-nitwit states to ban full metal jacket ammo (cop-killing, armor-piercing, assault ammo that doesn’t use as much lead to shoot women and children) and the other half to ban hollow point, (cop-killing, against the Geneva Convention ammo that is used to shoot women and children!)
They’re going to ban something, we might as well get some humor out of it.
Some Zombietime humor, if you’ve never been to her site, check it out. She just goes to San Francisco “protests” to accurately show what’s happening (she doesn’t ignore either the happy signs or the evil signs).
In that one she notes a “protest” where Teh Peepul marched on City Hall and Demanded An Answer From Their Elected Officials!!!!!!!! Only the elected officials were already part of the protest.
Sort of speaking power to truth, just like all San Francisco ‘protests’.
Okay, the next two are related.
In this one we see that tax money was used to prove that Big Tobacco funded the Tea Parties.
Wait, what? Seriously?
You’re just taking the most evil thing you can think of to say it caused the Tea Party and the best you could come up with was Marlboro?
Why not Big Booze? You would get far less argument about that.
Just in case it’s accurate BT, I smoke Macanudos.
Which leads to this. Anita Dunn says Foxnews is an alternate universe or something.
Truer words were never spoke.
She believes all manner of things I know to be ridiculous.
I believe all manner of things she knows to be ridiculous.
Not just opinions, but facts. “You have your facts, I have mine.”
Now I’d like to think that mine is the accurate world view, but I’m not so sure if that’s the way to bet.

Crap, no theme pops up, so let’s make that the theme! Things that pop up!


That’s either the best photographer or the worst one.


So, anything pop up?


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