Did Somebody Hit A Switch Or Leave A Door Open?

Posted: February 20, 2013 by veeshir in Exploding things, Filthy Hippies, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP FAIL, Government FAIL, Hotassery, Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault

Seriously, what the hell is going on today? Yesterday was all boring and today is going freaking crazy.

This, like a bunch of other links, would be “my favorite” that I end on for a chuckler, but today is freakishly, bizarrely, odd.

Take this one,  it makes sense to people who are in charge of parts of our country, and in charge of us.

So some constituents/ATMs demand that they release wolves into the wild.

Other constituents/ATMs demand they be allowed to kill the wolves who are eating their livestock.

So what to do, what to do? I know, let’s call that 87 lb canine a coyote! Brilliant!

Seriously, they’re releasing them as wolves and others are shooting them as coyotes. My father used to raise quail for some gun clubs, I wonder if Colorado or Michigan need me to raise wolves for them to shoot?

I love this, it’s my favor…well, it’s one of those “always funny”

Minitrue outlet (Po-lie-itico) claiming that Obama is just so brilliant about manipulating them and that’s why they suck him off so much. I’m with them, I mean, when he tells them to leave him alone while he eats his waffles there’s nothing they can do but write a hagiography. It’s just axiomatic. That’s from Paco, I think he’s the one who made up “global warmmonger” at Tim Blair’s site.

This one is my…. well, it’s funny.

As we all know from FrnakJ explaining it, lax gun laws in other states causes problems like Chicago’s new boroughs are based on which gang you belong to.

My favorit.. Texas is saying that they won’t enforce federal gun grabbing laws they think are against the Constitution. How does the Supreme Court deal with that? I know how Obama would argue it.

Mr. Roberts tear down this wall!

Mr. Roberts! Tear Down This Wall!!!!!!!!


Okay, my favor… well, it’s the quote of the day at Blackiswhite (Its not really, I think that’s social commentary) in response to some guy named Alfie.

What’s it all about? Let Teresa answer. Coffee, nose hairs, screen alert.

I’m sure Alfie would agree that we should make every woman who has an abortion be on a registry of some sort as well. Why should they be entitiled to more privacy than gun owners? Sure, they’re law-abiding citizens, they are protected by the Constitution, blah, blah, blah. It’s not like they are going around killing peop……

Hardeee har har har.


I like Ace, I respect Ace, but I see people saying stuff like this all the time and I think it fundamentally misunderstands the point. He’s talking about infighting in the GOP.

If we’re going to have a war of all against all, let’s have it, honestly.

The way I see it (and I have been known to be wrong. No, really), is that this begs the question that I am a Republican. I am not a Republican. I vote GOP because they at least claim to stand for the things I do. I would be an idiot trying to get a Democrat who wanted to cut taxes and reduce gov’t elected. Although, as we’ve been seeing, we’re idiots for thinking we can get a Republican elected who wants to cut taxes and reduce gov’t.

I’ve pretty much decided to leave the GOP alone and try the Libertarians. Let the GOP have their inclusive party that doesn’t include the people who’ve been voting GOP. As for the Libertarians, to paraphrase/attempt to quote FrnakJ, “Libertarianism, a completely reasonable political philosophy most vocally espoused by the insane.” I know I won’t be any help, but I hope some none insane people start trying to defend them.


Jay notes some shit and asks the question I was asking myself when I decided to do this post.

Is it just me, or is the level of “just plain stupid” rising?

It’s not just you Jay.


This one shows some of my favo… well it makes me laugh, until I think about it.

So if the evil Sequestration happens, the Pentagon is going to furlough 800,000 workers.

So what does that mean? 800,000 get a few days to a month off and then get paid for that time all at once. Savings to America? Negative savings, we’ll pay those people for time they didn’t work.

Yay! That’ll show….us.


Crap, that just depresses me until I think abou tit.




We should ask her if she knows why Mona Lisa is smiling.

  1. The reason the level of stupid is rising is that we are now reaping what the public school system has sown.

    Furlough?? Uh, can I cuss here?

  2. Nicole says:

    Well crap. I heard they were only going to be let go for 22 days and I thought “well, better than nothing I guess – how’s that Obama vote working out for ya?” Then I read this and realize that it works out just fine. They get a paid 22 day vacation, essentially.

    Meanwhile, my employer just let 10 people go today. Not in my office, not yet anyway, but still rattling. And they aren’t getting to come back in 22 days with full back pay.

    • veeshir says:

      I should be clear,
      I’m sure they’ll all say, “They won’t be paid!”, but every other time they’ve ever told gov’t workers to not come in, they’ve still paid them. Recall when “Gingrich shut down the gov’t!!!!!!@@!!!!@!!’, the gov’t workers were paid for that time off.

      They probably won’t be paid while they’re “furloughed”, but their back-pay will be made up.

      • Nicole says:

        I just talked to my mom, who works for the IRS. If they get furloughed, they don’t get back pay or paid while they were off. Now, that may be different this time and it may also depend on which government job you have.

        • Veeshir says:

          We’ll see.

          When was she furloughed? I’ve never heard of them not getting paid.

          Unless she’s a contractor not GS

          • Nicole says:

            She hasn’t ever been furloughed personally, that I recall. She’s just a normal full time IRS employee. Don’t know where she got her info. Likely through the union… blech. I have seen a couple of other sites that say those furloughed will go without pay. But those are also from the unions telling the workers how it will happen, so highly suspect.

            Yeah, we’ll have to wait see. Only not through the media until it gets impossible to not report it any longer because blogs (like this one) are making people aware of the story. So tired of everyone else having to do the medias’ job.

            • veeshir says:

              We won’t know until a few weeks after the fact. I know people who work for the gov’t in DC and people who know people in many, different areas so I’ll find out.

              Even though they’ll say they won’t be paid the day the furlough starts, when it ends, I’m absolutely sure they’ll be paid for the time off.

  3. DejahThoris says:

    I’ve decided that all penis-shaped sex toys should be registered as sexual assault dildoes, as any person using them is involved in self-rape, which should be considered a hate crime. Especially when done on college campuses.

    There, now you’ll get more traffic from people looking to purchase “marital aids.” I want DPUD to make it to #150th place at least, in the most conservative blogs poll.

  4. DrEvil says:

    Sequestration means that Federal employee pay will be cut 20% (1 day per week) for up to 22 weeks which equals about a month’s pay. No way is this a paid vacation, unless the government later decides to pay the employees for their furloughed time which would be a tremendous mistake. I believe that is what happened the last time feds were furloughed but that was for like one week if I remember right.

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