It’s weird, some days are boring, some days get very fucking exciting.

So far, it’s boring. How can I tell? Say Uncle writes, “Not feeling, here’s an ostrich snowboarding”.

ostrich giv

I think I’ll use that as the standard, is the ostrich snowboarding or is the FEOCE heating up?

So why do I say it’s boring?

Egyptians making their way toward finally killing off one of the oldest Christian communities in the world.

A group of Christian priests from a local Coptic church in Egypt were told to convert to Islam or face death,

Not really all that boring, but certainly not at all unexpected. I figure within a year they’ll strap many Copts to the pyramids so they can blow them both up at once.
This is one of those “eternal optimism” things that makes me laugh.
According to some Republican in Illinois (I didn’t know they had any), the Chicago Machine is panicking!
Yeah, I can see why, the man who controls the Justice Dept is one of them. The immediate example is some Chicago machine pol being “disciplined” for some indiscretion, apparently she
by improperly reporting time off from her taxpayer-funded job
I’m sure that’s totally going to make her toxic so she can ne……
I’ve been practicing and even I can’t finish that sentence without bursting out laughing.
So some good news! America is finally giving our rap stars the recognition they deserve!
Rapper Ray Jenkins (what the hell kind of rapper name is that?) has received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition for his “core values of hard work and integrity
So what sort of hard work and integrity does he believe in?
His line of children’s clothing featuring the Snoman (cocaine dealer) and his songs that speak of slapping bitches around.
That’s the kind of ‘can-do’ attitude America needs, our children need more drugs and our bitches need more slappin”!
The gov’t is revolting and Teh Peepul are not amused!
That’s a list of NY state counties who are telling the assholes in Albany to shove their “SAFE ACT” (actual results may vary) up their asses. Yay!
I have to admit, I didn’t think NY staters had any balls left at all, I figured anybody with any desire for freedom would have left that place long ago.
Good fer them. I’m still not coming back until you get rid of the whole, winter thing.
I see this article every now and then.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favor of it being written, but it’s pretty useless.
Daniel Hannan notices that Hitler was a leftist and it was really just the leftist propaganda machine who had to pretend that they never supported Hitler.
The reason I think it’s useless is because young leftists cannot learn a thing that every, other young lefty does not believe.
There’s not a lot of intellectual courage in the world, you just can’t go against whatever is the current belief of your friends, and everybody knows Hitler was of the Right.
I like Drew, I’ve sucked his dick on this very page!
I think he’s wrong on this one though.
Rand Paul is trying to get Obama or someone in the his admin to say whether or not he can kill me with his Cox Skybomber, Drew says we need to know if Obama thinks he can kill us with a gun or a knife too.
The Drip, drip, drip method might work here.
Get them to answer that question and then you can follow up and find out any other ways they think they can kill is. Keep it alive in the media (even as Minitrue attacks Rand Paul, they’ll let slip what he’s asking) and people will start to wonder if the gov’t thinks they can kill us (Spoiler Alert: They do).
We’re so boned right now that any correction is going to be ug-lee, we need Teh Peepul to understand that gov’t is not our friend.
See? It’s really just the same old shit today and yesterday. I have a feeling tomorrow will be very, fucking interesting.
Son of a bitch, I hit “return” 10 times between this and the sentence above and I just can’t introduce line breaks to make this fucking post easier to fucking read.
I just hit enter 4 times and there will be no line break. Fuck!!!1!!!!
Seriously, I have about 30 lines in between “bitches need slappin’!” and “The gov’t is revolting.” and yet, when I hit post there’s no line break.
  1. DejahThoris says:

    Serious Guys, does there really need to be line breaks?

    Ostriches snowboard
    Bitches Need Slapping
    The Government is Revolting

    Everything you just said in HI-koo form.

  2. MM says:

    Actually the ostrich is on skis but pretty remarkable anyway

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