Rand Paul is shown here tilting at the right windmills, it’s a “The Hill” link (Minitrue franchisee) but it has Rand Paul saying something like (I don’t feel like doing the quote exactly)

Obama is saying I have no intention to drone-kill Americans when he should be saying he has no right to do so.


Bingo. I did go to Foxnews to look for the video but they wanted me to watch :26 seconds of an ad to see a minute of video, they surely have the right to do that, just like I have the right to not waste my time watching what they want me to.

It’s too bad, I saw the interview yesterday and I was wondering if they left in the part where he was talking about Obama talking about sequestration. He said that Obama was a liar 4 different ways, it looked as if he was trying to soften it like the vid the other day, but this time he went on and said it was “dishonest, disingenuous…” I can’t remember the rest of the words he used, but his Roget’s thesaurus must be dog-eared at “liar”.



Speaking of Obama’s Cox Skybomber armada, they’re admitting they’re bringing it to America!

Remember folks, birdshot doesn’t bring them down unless you hit just the right spot but you might not have a tight enough pattern if you use buckshot, so I’d get a few different loads and see what works best.

I read in Valdez is Coming, a western that was made into a Burt Lancaster movie, that the guy melted beef tallow into his shotgun shells and it kept their pattern very tight for a distance. If anybody knows about that, let me know, that might be a good drone-load.


It’s funny, as Obama is deploying his drones to watch (kill?) me, the military is grounding the planes used to kill furriners.

They found a cracked engine blade in an F-35 so they’re all grounded. Yay! My only problem is that it’s only 51 of them, c’mon guys, it’s not funny unless it’s over 200 and maybe a whole carrier wing is grounded or something. Listen, we’re not ALL GONNA DIE!!!!  if you morons keep pussy-footing around.


Now, I hate to laugh at a brave man killed performing a thankless duty, so I won’t, I will laugh at the idjit “journalist”

First, check out the headline

Little impact in violent Mexican border city after police chief disappears, brothers slain


So…. what sort of impact were you expecting? Less violence? Free puppies for all children? The thugs running the city killed the guy who was trying to make an impact you moh-rons.

Now, a conundrum.

In one of Mexico’s most violent border cities, no one is saying what happened to Police Chief Roberto Balmori Garza.


Hmmm, I wonder if there are any clues?

It’s been a week since he went missing from Nuevo Laredo and the local news media have reported nothing, even after two of his brothers showed up murdered in a neighboring state on Feb. 17. One of them was an agent for the federal Attorney General’s Office.

Eh, probably just went to Hawaii for a little vacay. I wonder how scared people are in this violent town.
City spokesman Juan Jose Zarate said the local government has no confirmation that Balmori Garza disappeared, only that he has not come to work.
Well, nobody’s seen him in a long time, but that doesn’t mean he’s disappeared!
I would bet a dollar that Juan Jose Zarate knows exactly where the sheriff is. The first time I saw this movie, with Audie Murphy playing the part of the sheriff who replaces the not-missing sheriff, the good guys won. Somehow, with Obama selling guns to the bad guys, I’m not so sanguine.
I’ve given up on hoping for the best in Syria, rather, I’ve decided the best outcome in Syria is for me not to pay attention.
Sigh, once in a while I can’t do that. It’s just too good a lesson on History. Only one (maybe two) revolutions have not been taken over by just a different set of thugs (America and the Dutch, although they threw off a foreign yoke not their own rulers) and we’re seeing the normal course of affairs playing out in real time.
So in this case we see the gov’t has lost control over their country, they’re actually fighting for their second biggest airport, and since it’s an airport in a vicious dictatorship

The rebels have cut off the highway the army has been using to transport troops and supplies to a military base within the airport complex. The airport east of the city is part of a complex that includes a smaller military airfield and the base.

That means the jihadis getting a military base too.  Yay! Jihadis in MiGs and Mirages! And they won’t be aiming for Israel! That’s unexpected. The FEOCE! doesn’t always run in predictable patterns, that’s what makes it so fun.
As a math teacher, I have to say I’m glad I read this story.
One question stated the number of slaves who died while taking over a ship. It asked how many slaves were still alive. The other said a slave was whipped five times a day and asked students to calculate how many times a month he was whipped.
I’m in Arizona, so I’ll use word-problems like, “There are 20 soldiers and 10 women in the fort, if only 5 soldiers remembered to save two bullets at the end instead of just one,  how many white women were killed and raped by Injuns?”
Topical is the way to go.
Okay, this one is absolutely chillingly hilarious. When I was learning my mistrust of people there were three classes of people who I trusted implicitly: Kindergarten teachers, 1st grade teachers and school nurses.

A Franklin County kindergarten teacher has been charged with trying to have her ex-husband killed and a school nurse is accused of helping her.

Jeebus, now I have to wonder what the hell the 1st grade teacher in that school is doing.
Let’s end this on Good News From Texas.
First, the very first blog post ever, Travis’ letter to everybody saying, “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!” (my hero), has been returned to the Alamo.
Makes me hope that this blog, containing all my “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!” posts, is returned to the home for the criminally insane when I die.
Texas man ventilates bad guy! He was heard to say, “What are your insides doing on the outside you dumb bastard?”
Or not, but I hope so.
Two of the three were arrested later on, the third was heard to say, “”
Cuz he’s dead.
  1. Elliott says:

    First, at the risk of sounding like spam, I’d like to start off by saying that I really do enjoy these Round the Tubes posts.

    Second, could you not just use a slug with a rifled shotgun instead of shot to take one down? It’d put a significant chunk of lead into it but wouldn’t allow for near misses still doing damage. Of course, I don’t yet own any long guns and I’d imagine my handguns would be less useful in the drone war.

    • veeshir says:

      Thanks, I’ll keep your comment out of the spam bucket.

      The problem with slugs is the spread, you need to hit it dead on while with shot you just need to be near it. It’s pretty much just a bullet, a big bullet, but just a bullet.

      That’s why people use shot for birds and skeet and drones are pretty much birdlike.

      • Elliott says:

        It depends how small the drones are I suppose. If you can take them out with bird shot then they’re not really substantial enough to be difficult to dispose of anyway. With how much better camera tech is getting, the ability to reach out and touch the drones will be a bigger problem.

        • veeshir says:

          I’m just hoping to hit them in a bunch of places so one will hit something vital.
          They can’t armor them too much.

          Although the net thing could be great if the net-shot can reach up enough.

          You’re right about the height, maybe I get my own RC plane and play “kamikaze”.

          Heck, I could make balsa wood Folkkers or Spads or something and then keep reusing the engines.

          • Elliott says:

            You know, it’s gotta be possible to attach a shotgun or two onto a good RC plane and rig up a trigger system for it. We just need someone with the right skill set to make it into a kit that those of us without the skills can use to have civilian drone defense.

            • veeshir says:

              the hard part is aiming and having a big enough plane to handle a gun.
              Even a sawed off .410 would be heavy and, as well know, a 28 gauge won’t even kill a lawyer in the hands of Dick Cheney.

              I know, Cox should sell a powerful RC plane with a tow-net. They can call it the SkySweeper, it can be used to take down Skybombers.

              • Elliott says:

                I don’t think weight would be as big an issue really. You could do away with a lot of the parts of the gun that are for human use. You could easily get away with a severely cut down version with a very short barrel, 6 inches or so, and put on a couple to help the inaccuracies. I’m not saying it’s reasonable, but it’d be fun to see happen.

                • veeshir says:

                  I’m not saying it’s reasonable, but it’d be fun to see happen.

                  Necessity might be the mother of invention with laziness being the father, but that right there is the bastard step-child and I would bet some of the best inventions ever came from that sentiment.

  2. DejahThoris says:

    Regarding the dronelets, this is where those gladiator (or fisherman depending on which is hotter) skills would come in handy, as I seem to recall they have big-ass nets with lead weights.

    Apropos of nothing, I have developed a mental image whenever you use the acronym “FEOCE.” Graham Chapman a la Colonel poofta says it like like the word “fierce” but with dramatic head motions and snaps in Z formation. Z standing for zombie in this context.

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