Round the Tubes, Lots of Fuck In There Edition

Posted: February 24, 2013 by veeshir in Democratic morality, Exploding things, Fun With Media, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Hotassery, Liberal Fascism, Notes on the Revolution, This Is My BOOMSTICK!

First, sometimes I hate it when a plan comes together.

10 years ago: The Pussification of America, by Kim du Toit.

Yesterday: The Wimpification of America by Who Cares?

Fucking pussy, say pussification when that’s what you mean.


Kim du Toit also popularized a term, Red Curtain of Blood (RCOB), it’s when you are so enraged you literally can’t see anything but a curtain of the blood you are longing to spill. Sort of esoteric, but I think I can explain it much more easily.

A 3-year old with spinal bifida was unfortunate enough to catch the eye of one our fine, undertrained, thugs at the TSA so they hassled her and took her stuffed animal. There’s video, if you want to know what the RCOB really is, watch that video, hell, just click the link and look at the terrified little wheelchair bound 3 year old. I am actually happy I wasn’t there, when I do finally snap, I don’t want to be in control of that bunch thugs. And that’s why when I go to NY in the summer, I’m driving. I’ve decided that in order to fly there needs to be an ocean in the way for me.

This one is a palate cleanser after the last one. As we all know, laws in other places are the cause of crime in Chicago. so some Chicago thugs/cops and even an Indiana sheriff (who I hope is not reelected) demanded that Indiana follow Illinois’ gun laws. Indiana, even the only Dem in this morality play, laughed and said go fuck yourself. Don’t believe me?

Lake County Attorney John Dull said the county would have to pass an ordinance to make any substantial changes to the fairgrounds shows are conducted. He said state law doesn’t provide any support for Buncich’s call for more gun control.


I dealt with attorneys for 12 years, that’s Fuck You you moh-ron  in lawyer-speak.

Speaking of the gun grabbing thugs, assholes and felons in Illinois, we have one of the things I’ll be watching carefully for when stuff happens. So as we would all remember if we read this blog, Illinois’ “no CCW unless you’re connected” law was overturned and they have only a short time before constitutional carry becomes the law unless they do something.

Well, it’s a step farther.

“Illinois lawmakers need to create some kind of licensing system or face the prospect of not having any regulations at all when Judge Posner’s deadline arrives,


A Veeshir Vearless Vrediction: (as I said at Say Uncle’s)

A month or 12 late, they’ll pass another law that says no guns for you. That will be appealed. They’ll lose.
A month or 12 late they’ll pass another….

Wash, rinse, bail your cousin out of jail for thinking the law matters, repeat.


Betting on thugs and felons acting like thugs and felons is usually the way to go.


Say Uncle links to Rob Allen (who I swear used to have two Bs) who has this picture that shows how you should carry your rape-whistle.



As this guy said,

She blows the whistle first to signal that the ‘range’ is hot, and then firing commences.


Safety first.

Update on those targets that helped feds shoot children on a playground, the company has a statement.

You can read it, I’ll summarize

The DHS designed and asked for those, but they didn’t want them, we don’t have them on our public website anymore. If you have any questions please dial 0,


I think the part about those targets that bothered me the most was where the targets were pointing the guns,at the federal agent who wants to make sure he can kill me.

If there’s a young girl, on a playground and surrounded by children, the only possible reason I could see for opening fire is if she’s pointing or shooting at the kids.


Okay, I love this one. It’s just so crazy and stupid that it just might make things exponentially worse! Guam has a problem with brown snakes, they moved in and started eating all the birds, they’re running out of birds.

So how to stop that? They can’t use Springfield’s solution for the flying lizards (Bart the Mother) cuz they don’t have winter to kill off the gorillas, so they’re air-dropping dead rats infused with Tylenol (snakes don’t get headaches) all over the island for the snakes to eat and then they’ll all die. The snakes I mean, the rats are already dead.

Okay, so any ideas on how that will go wrong? I mean, there’s no way they get rid of all the snakes so ultimately, the plan will only set them back a year or two. But what else can happen to an island covered in rotting rats? I’m not sure, but I bet it’s hilariously destructive and it might even involve the plague.


When Berlusconi lost I made fun of the media for their attack on him, well, they’re still at it and it’s still funny.

Now I’ll admit it’s possibly relevant but surely catty to note that he’s fighting a tax evasion conviction as he’s against raising taxes, but I doubt they do that for EUnuch officials they like.

But what I really love is this, and this headline is why I read the article.

Italians Vote With Berlusconi Challenging Monti Austerity


Wait, Berlusconi is against an austerity plan for Italy? Being for it is one of the reasons he’s gone, turns out, they’re playing semantical games/lying through their teeth.

have focused on overturning the tax increases enacted by incumbent Mario Monti. Front-runner Pier Luigi Bersani of the Democratic Party and Monti have vowed to maintain budget rigor.


Oh, so he’s against tax increases with a pinky swear that they’ll “maintain budget rigor”.  You know what Italian budget rigor is? It’s like Spanish or Greek except the Italians will only riot when their supply of cheese, bread and vino is gone.

I really loved this part.

If Berlusconi wins, the markets will be quite concerned, but if he doesn’t, if there’s a hung parliament, that’s probably about what’s expected,


Heh. Heh I say.

Which leads to the question: Did they prod a bunch of people till they got that quote or did they just make it up?

Below the fold, since where talking about Italians, a few pictures of the warm hills of fair Italia.


Gina Lolobrigidacolor modified


The internet really needs to be about 50 years older, we need  good pics (and lots of them) of the hotness of the 50s. I mean, look at those. You’ll never have so much fun poking your eye out.

And I’m an expert on poking your eye out and tits.


  1. Nicole says:

    I don’t think it makes me feel any better to know the DHS ordered those targets then changed their mind. All that means is what it always does – “oops, we got caught.”

    • veeshir says:

      I see it even worse in two ways.

      The DHS not only ordered them, they designed them.

      As for the company, their release said they took down the page, they did not say they’ve stopped selling them.

      It seems to me if they had discontinued the line they wouldn’t say, “These products have been taken offline”

  2. Representative Hank Johnson (D - for dumbass voters) says:

    “Guam has a problem with brown snakes, they moved in and started eating all the birds, they’re running out of birds.”

    Ok — maybe it won’t tip over because we added more Marines to the island — but the snakes!! If they all slither over to the same side of the island — look out — splash

    • veeshir says:


      Maybe they can do that to clear the island of the dead rats too.

      Had to add, when I saw your comment in the sidebar I was afraid you were the Rep from Wyoming asking me to take the link to his site from a “fuck” post.

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