Always Budget The Bribes Second

Posted: February 25, 2013 by veeshir in Obama's Fault

Heinlein wrote, “Always budget the luxuries first”, our fine political masters love that attitude, but they’ve figured out what’s second.

Obama’s Budget! (all links except that one are PDFs)

I haven’t gone over it too much, but I did notice he’s getting rid of the C-47 and some other “new” systems (C-47 has been in service since 2001 according to some page on the intertubes) and HMMMMMMVVV “Recapitalization”, which I think is making so many different types of Humvees. Not sure what that means, but I doubt it’s good.


I did go to the summary pdf file. It’s interesting, it’s far more honest than I expected while still managing to be as dishonest as I expected.

This line shows the dichotomy. The numbers are in $billions

Resulting deficits in 2013 Budget 1,327 901   668   610   649   612   575   626   658   681   704   3,440 6,684


The first “1,327” is 2012, the next 901 and 668… are the next years, 2013, 2014 etc. The 3,440 and 6,684 are cumulative totals.

I love those numbers, they’re entirely made up and have nothing to do with reality, but Obama actually acts as if they’re not. That’s funny.

I am surprised he admitted there would be deficits as far as the eye could see, I’m also surprised he admitted that 2012 had that huge a deficit and that 2013 would have a large deficit, so some interesting honesty.


The dishonesty is that you know this year will have more than a $trillion deficit, but he kept it 901, just like retailers make it “$97.58” so you don’t think, “That’s a hundred dollars!”


Any numbers in the future are absolutely meaningless. And not just absolutely meaningless, but they also accuse you of being a fucking moron by their very presentation.

The unstated assumption is that Congress next year will cut the stuff that Congress this year says they will (future cuts are popular, current cuts are GONNA KILL US ALL!!!!), but somehow, that never happens. Weird that.


I just kind of skipped around the different pdfs, you have to love his “Investing In Our Future” pdf

we will have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.

To go with the highest proportion of student debt! Listen, banks and teachers need money and if the cost is having kids with Gender Studies degrees owing $175,000 in student debt, well, that’s the price they’re willing to make us pay!


I had to look for his “infrastructure” bit, he always talks about “fixing” the infrastructure but always seems to spend money on ACORN.. Blueprint. It’s in the “investing” pdf from above.

So here’s his infrastructure intro

Enact an Historic $476 Billion, Six-Year Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Better Allocate Those Dollars to Get Results.

It’s historic the way he’s going to claim he’s going to fix the infrastructure that other people actually made.


He’s going to get Results! I wonder which union is going to get that half a $trillion to not improve any infrastructure? I figure he’ll split it evenly between Acorn…Blueprint, SEIU and UAW.

That’s enough for now, there’s just so much bullshit I can take before breakfast.

At this point I’m hoping someone who understands finance looks at it.


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