Saved from being an 80s tune by just a few months, I think of them as one of the transition bands. Some good stuff but then they got all glammy and meaningless. You know, like the whole 80s, non-Billy Joel/Aerosmith music scene.

The head of Armalite is saying, “Well, we don’t like what the gov’t is doing to take your guns, but I was a cop so we’re selling guns to cops that we can’t sell to you. Cuz they need them and you’re nothing.” (not an exact translation, but semantically equivalent).

They’d better hope lots of the cops they think are better than I am want those guns, cuz I’m going to make sure that anybody who’s interested in any AR platform will not buy Armalite.

My problem isn’t that they’ll continue to sell to people like NYS gov’t, it’s the letter where he makes sure you know that cops are better than you and the slimy way he says, “We won’t sell to police depts but only to individual officers”, which sales will have to go through the police dept because private individuals in NY can’t buy that gun. So it’s a slimy, “Here, this should shut them moh-rons up.”



This one is very interesting. We’ve seen that link of Bloomberg saying no 2-liters with pizza delivery, but it also restricts soda pitchers for tables of children and a whole shitload more.

Typically, a pizzeria charges $3 for a 2-liter bottle of Coke. …six 12-ounce cans at a total cost of $7.50 to get an equivalent amount of soda…..

He said the smaller bottles will generate more revenue for the restaurant but cost consumers more.

It will also trash more plastic into the environment…..

Spending $300 on a bottle of vodka no longer entitles you to a full complement of mixers.

Before Bloomberg mostly jerked them around and cost more for smokes, but so few people smoke and he created a market for cig smuggling, so it wasn’t as big a deal.

But that right there will fuck everybody in NYC. Every pizzeria in NY has a “large pie, wings and 2 liter soda deal”, all those deals are gone, birthday parties just went up probably nearly double in cost, kids drink a lot more soda than eat pizza and it jerks around all the cool Manhattanites who go to the ultra cool night-spots and buy booze and get complimentary mixers.

So they’re pissing off parents of young children, everybody who orders a large pie, wings and 2-liters deal (which is….everybody), hipsters and everybody who makes tips because the customer is going to pissed and take it off the tip.

I wonder if NYCers will find the balls they so smugly think they have. Eh, probably not. They’ll whine a little and go back to feeling superior.

The reason I’m wondering if they might find their balls (against my better judgement) is this.


British Media Declare All-Out War On Green Energy Lobby

With a bunch of articles showing that the Brit media is noticing that while green science is neither, it is very fucking expensive.  Good for them.

Now this pisses me off.

which stated they intended to ‘eviscerate, mitigate, litigate, cogitate, and agitate’ the North Carolina Republican leadership.

No, that doesn’t piss me off. This does.

Blueprint is an ACORN-afiliated group, and its list of partners represents the core of the American far left.  Since their dirty little secret was revealed, the organization has disavowed the memo.

First, I was just wondering what ACORN was calling itself this year (they need $billions but some people seem to think that a Democratic front group shouldn’t be getting taxpayer money for vote-fraud for some reason so they need to change their name every now and then).

Also, have the courage of your convictions. getting rid of a bunch of establishment GOPers would be helpful.

Oh well.

Obama’s friend, Farrakhan, wants to help Obama get his Citizen-Army rolling. They’re in Chicago so I don’t have to worry that much. If Obama wants to import a bunch of Chicago street thugs to Arizona, well, coyotes and buzzards gotta eat too.

I have a problem today, 2 feel-good stories to end on. It’s like the end of a Star Trek episode when both Bones and Spock get a chuckler.

First, Wyatt links a story about a football player partying, standard fare, but what makes this so newsworthy is that there were no rapes, shootings, or slapping some bitches around!

Geez, it’s like Gronkowski just doesn’t get it. What’s the point of being rich, famous and good at a game if you don’t commit felonies?


Now the hopeful story of the day.

We all know SMOD missed us but the EU was working on a back-up plan where they were going to hit an asteroid to see if they could change its trajectory. Well, they’ve chosen the asteroid they’re to try to hit like the 8 ball in the Earth pocket. The best part about their choice?

Didymos is actually a binary system, in which a 2,625-foot-wide (800 meters) asteroid and a 490-foot (150 m) space rock orbit each other. Didymos poses no threat to Earth


See? They found a pair of asteroids, thereby maximizing the chance of a hit.

Recall when they were trying to land on Mars.

They must use the same Fisher-Price Orbital Dynamics Calculator I used to figure out SMOD’s trajectory.



  1. Lemur King says:

    Don’t forget the Mars Climate Orbiter. Apparently if you use the wrong units of measurement bad things can happen. Who could have guessed? Pounds-force vs. Newtons – how could it possibly matter?

    It is claimed that AIDA (the spacecraft smashey-thingy mission) will generate about the same energy as a large piece of junk hitting a spacecraft, and I’m having a hard time picturing that but ok what the hell. Awful thing about space missions is that it is either going to succeed and look great on your resume or you’re going to quietly bury the couple years of your life you spent on it when (pick one) crashes/fizzles/sizzles/freezes. Or misses.

    Bloomberg is a goat-felcher.

  2. Nicole says:

    Never thought I’d agree with Rahm about anything, but I guess Farrakhan is just that big a piece of crap.

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