When The Vote Hits Your Eye Like A Big Piece A (cow) Pie

Posted: February 26, 2013 by veeshir in Fun with Elections, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Moron of the Day, Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault, Win!

It’s fucking Amore’!!!!!!!!

Another look at Italy? The hardest part about this story was weeding my way through Minitrue’s bullshit to get to what happened.

So I’ve been seeing people freaking out over Italy’s election. The funniest are all the people saying Berlusconi’s party and a comedian’s party are against “austerity”.

As I saw on some blog last week, what they’re calling “austerity” are current tax increases and a really sharp look at spending, no mention of cuts, just let’s look. That’s austerity the way Obama cut $2trillion off the deficit.

Wash Post (warning, yellow journalism/Minitrue link) are their usual even-handed selves.

Let’s meet the players!

Not in any order:

Berlusconi: billionaire playboy and perpetual criminal defendant who was all but counted out of Italian political life when a debt crisis forced his resignation in 2011, shocked the country Monday by shooting back into a position of influence. (nope, he surprised lefties who ignore reality V)

the comedian whose party won big,  Beppo Grillo: What worries many of Italy’s more sober politicians and analysts is that the protest leader does not seem to be in favor of much. (Italy has no sober leaders and that’s exactly why he was elected, we’ll get there shortly V)

And now, our hero from the left-leaning party (read: To the left of the Green party): Pier Luigi Bersani, a mild-mannered former industry minister,

Love this quote, cuz it’s accurate and innacurate.

“The majority of Italians have clearly voted against the Brussels consensus. That is a damning indictment,” said Mats Persson from Open Europe.

Accurate cuz the majority of voters said that, but innacurate cuz of the low turnout. More on that.

Now, domestic and furrin Minitrue outlets keep saying Italy’s fucked because of this, but that story has a funny bit. The Euro went down when it happened but:

the yield spread of 10-year Italian bonds over German Bunds jumped 30 basis points to 290 in late trading.

That’s good, right? Higher yield means they earn more money, right?

I had a good link to the Financial Times but they have some copyright threat that says I can’t link or cut and paste unless I use their buttons. Pass. I think they were the ones who said Axelrod helped a leftist in the election (updated to make sense V), but since they’re assholes about links, here’s a link that talks about that.

(when I searched for that link I saw a Politico (pronounced Po-Lie-Ico) article that talked about him being ‘attacked’, how dare Italians get upset that Obama dispatched his peeps to get involved in their politics!?!?!?!?!?!?

But what none of those lying sacks of shit are fucking telling you is that that good old Beppo started the V-Day Protests.

For those not in the know, like me 20 minutes ago, the V is not vagina, victory or even vino, it’s Vaffanculo.

An aside, I’ve been using that word for a long time but I just thought about the “culo” (ass) part, now I have to ask an Italian if it means “up the ass” fucking.

The Fuck You Day Protests.

Let’s hear from someone not violently opposed to anybody not a leftist sucker of Obama’s cock.

Apart from the having yet another election, discovering horsemeat in lasagne and preparing for a new Pope, one quarter of the voting population decided to show their political masters what a bloody nose looks by voting for a protest party set up by a comedian with a healthy disdain for all Politicians.

Yup. Most Italians didn’t even bother, it’s the lowest vote turnout since WWII.

Moar about Beppo Grillo

Started by the readers of his blog in despair at the endless corruption, power mongering and downright Mafia tactics that prevail, his movement is making only one demand. It will not form a coalition with any other party and actually does not want any power. Grillo himself has declared that the support for his movement,

Now first, look at his blog readers. I bet they click links and co…. ahhhh, nevermind.

But check that out, whodathunk Monty Brewster would win an election in Italy!!!!!!

Italy, you magnificent bastards! I read your books!

Man, that’s the fucking awesome story of the day..weekmonth….year….decadecentury..The Fucking Millennia bitches!

Read the link at “Fuck You Day Protests”, it’s fucking beautiful.

I say we go the same route with eddiebear.

Think of the Fuck You Day Protests!

Unrelated to this post update!

I emailed John at This Ain’t Hell (but you can see DPUD from there) about the Iranian Salute Guys and he responded with a picture that names all the players, I updated that post and wanted  to bump it but I don’t know how so you’ll have to scroll down or click a link.

  1. […] they have the “Vaffanculo Day” protest election where a comedian won a fairly big election on the explicit promise to gum […]

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