Round the Tubes, By The Time You See This It’ll Be Tomorrow

Posted: February 27, 2013 by veeshir in Conservatism, Exploding things, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Geektasticity, Government FAIL, Hotassery, Islam - a religion of tolerance and peace, Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault, Win!


First, via the Jawas we get  a link with a quote.

Catholic priests say they are living in fear after a clergyman was murdered on the final day of a music festival promoting religious tolerance.

So who else was involved? You can’t tell the players without a program.


I’ll try my hand at a Drudgetaposition.

Christie not invited to CPAC

Christie announces expansion of medicare.

Via Wyatt, I finally looked at that article where Kerry called Americans idiots, I didn’t realize he wasn’t in America when he said that (Kerry, not Wyatt).

If he had been in his home nation I wouldn’t have had a problem with him saying what we all know he ‘thinks’,  but he wasn’t in France, he was in fucking Germany.  Asshole.

I like Michael Z. Williamson’s books, so I felt bad about making fun of his “Manly Guns” list (I still think it wasn’t good with the AK being ridiculous on that list), so I’m happy I get to link him with an Atta Boy.


Vice President Shithead Doesn’t Understand The Constitution

Then he starts to explain why, beginning with this

“How can I say this politely?

Not sure, but you made a good start.

Next time you’re thinking how counter-productive the minimum wage is, ponder this Aussie nannarchism. This is  that Aussie pub owner in Queensland that I like linking, talking about the gov’t mandated pay rates for his employees.

The payscale section of the industrial award  or instrument (not my terminology) that applies to the Wayside Tavern has 962 pay rates, yes Nine-Hundred-and-Sixty-Two.(emphasis original V)

He says, “Why not a thousand?”

Cuz that would just be ridiculous.

Okay, this one is darn funny.  As we all know (or not), in EUnuchstan they kept finding horse meat in everything a week or two ago., Well, in South Africa they’re finding

Soya, donkey, goat, water buffalo and plant material were found in up to 68 percent of the 139 minced meats, burger patties, delicatessen meats, sausages and dried meats tested by the university.

Well duh. I’d be happy it’s not people. I just hope nobody checks the food in the Congo. I’d bet that pork loin was long pig.

When I was in Kenya in 1984, my buddy was living there so we just rented a Suzuki Samurai and cruised all over,.  I ate red curry “kabob and chips” everywhere. If they had refrigeration, plates and silverware, I would even eat the cole slaw. Often they didn’t, it was just some shack with a bubbling pot of oil for french fries and a rusty car fender over a fire for cooking kabob.

I didn’t want to know what the hell meat I was eating, I was mostly hoping it wasn’t people. I’d bet a dollar I’ve eaten baboon, monkey, water buffalo and maybe even lion if I was lucky.

A little Veeshir Vlashback. I was looking for something else when I saw this Round the Tubes  link. It’s from one of the previous times the debt “crisis” was GONNA KILL US ALL!!!!!! (the subtitle’s “Game Over Man, Game Over!)

First, even if Congress makes a “Deal”, all it’s going to do is attempt to kick the can down the road. They’ll just raise the borrowing limit (because this time, THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!, they’re going to fix the US fiscal state), before not cutting shit. Hell, they can ‘t even “cut” the increases, does anybody think they can actually cut spending in the way anybody not of our self-proclaimed Elite would think of it? If so, I have some prime beach land for sale, sure you can’t quite see the ocean from here, but it’s very sandy and sunny.

Wash, rinse, raise my taxes. Repeat. Well, at least this time we’ll have the hilarity of them all freaking out over there being no budget that they’ll fix by passing a continuing spending resolution instead of  a budget. You see, earmarks are only in budgets and they can pretend that they haven’t “budgeted” a deficit if they don’t have one.

Now something that I hope is for real. I can’t really quote any parts out, if you’re into the details, check it out. It looks plausible, if you accept the premise that carbon can be used to make batteries.

These dudes think they have a  totally new, cheap, very efficient battery.

I hope so, because the state of battery technology is not very good, we just can’t make them clean or very efficient. Those are clean to produce and supposedly efficient.

I’m not sure about how polluting they’d be to dispose (I don’t know if they’d have battery acid), but a battery that is not an ecological nightmare to produce and is efficient would be awesome.

I expect all Green Scientists to fight this tooth and nail, because green science is neither and that battery would be both.

Eh, maybe they could make ’em with a hammer and sickle logo to get Global Warmmongers onboard.

Don’t forget, check out This Ain’t Hell to see who to vote for and then check out the cheerleaders. I suggest you look very closely at all the pictures at the second link and then vote for the two at the first link.

Post needs pics, hmmmm, perhaps something yellow and soft to make John Effin Kerry feel welcome.


So what’s yellow and soft?



I’m going to the special Hell.


Yeah, I’m definitely going there.


When you get there, look me up.

I’ll have a spot up front.

  1. jokelly65 says:

    in the Words of Wash, Wuh duh ma huh tah duh fong kwong duh wai shung, that is one Gorram fine woman. LOL Special hell LOL.

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