Do You Need Brainwaves To Be A Heartbeat Away?

Posted: March 3, 2013 by veeshir in Liberal Fascism, Notes on the Revolution, This Is My BOOMSTICK!, You'll pry 'em from my cold dead hands

Via Harvey at Imao, we see the Field and Stream article where Slo Joe made his “shoot through the door” bit.

It’s even most stupider than…check that. It’s just as stupid as you’d expect from that moh-ron who couldn’t find a booger to eat if you gave him a map and your booger hook.

Surprisingly he actually stumbles through the question on what the 2nd amendment means, in a fairly decent way. That’s about it though.

Q: Do you think it’s an individual right??

A:t is an individual right, but it is also clear constitutionally that the government can limit the type of weapon you can own. For example, if the idea was to be able to repel a tyrannical government,…(stupidity about F-15s and atomic bombs). You have a right for self-defense against any intruder or any illegal activity being perpetrated on you, and for your physical self-defense.

He’s not all that bright. The Founding Fathers expressly said it was to repel a tyrannical gov’t.

A. The Federalist Papers, No. 28: Alexander Hamilton expressed that when a government betrays the people by amassing too much power and becoming tyrannical, the people have no choice but to exercise their original right of self-defense — to fight the government.

Would-be tyrants like to pretend only crazy tea-bagging rednecks believe that.


Q:How does the administration plan to address the fact that over 4 million AR-15-style rifles have been legally sold and purchased, and are routinely used by sportsmen, hunters, and others for everyday legal activity? Can you explain the administration’s legal rationale for believing that these semiautomatic rifles can be regulated through Congress and now through an amendment to the Constitution?”


A: The answer is that there is a clear argument within the definition of the Supreme Court laid out that that particular weapon is not a usual weapon in the sense that you need it for your self-protection or for hunting purposes. If you have to go up into the Poconos and go bear hunting or deer hunting with that weapon, and you need a clip that has 30 rounds in it, then you shouldn’t be hunting. You’re a danger to yourself. If you can’t get the bear or the deer in four or five shots, you’ve got a problem.


Nitwit. First, as they noted, there are many millions of them. Second, it’s not about hunting. Third, if you need four or five shots to get a deer, you’ve got a problem.

The next question is when he suggest you commit a felony so we’ll skip that.

Q:What’s the difference between, say, a semiautomatic hunting rifle that has traditional looks and characteristics and one that is an AR and labeled an assault rifle?


A:The thing that makes it the deadliest are the size of the round and how many rounds you have in a magazine. And the cops are coming to us and saying, “We’re being outgunned….

Moh-ron. He goes on that rant for two more questions, about how the cops are outgunned. So I have a semi-auto AR and I’m outgunning the cop who has a full auto M-4? And what about if the cop has a shotgun that you say is better than an AR?

Q: It’s a very popular rifle, and it’s popular for varmints and smaller game, and actually, the round is actually not as effective or powerful as many more traditional big-game rounds.

A:In fact, I know that’s true, having fired the assault weapons or however you want to characterize semiautomatic rifles. But the answer is that basically police say, “We’re being outgunned,


He’s just not that bright. He doesn’t seem to understand that an AR-15 is less powerful than the Remington 30.06s that kids get when they’re 16 to hunt deer.

This is the part where he dances in children’s blood.

Q: …Considering that with only minimal training, a magazine in a semiautomatic handgun or rifle can be replaced in about three seconds, what is the purpose served by limiting the magazines to 10 rounds or less?”…

A:If in fact the only thing available was 10 rounds in the AR-15 used by the guy who butchered those children up in Sandy Hook, he would have had to change that magazine three more times. And in that time frame, the police would have been there sooner, saving the lives of one or two or three children who got shot.


Seriously? You’re saying that 9 seconds is a big difference? (3 reloads, 3 seconds per reload). Don’t forget to clean that blood off your shoes Joe. It can leave a stain.

Also, the maniac who shot the judge and the congresswoman in Phoenix had a mall ninja magazine that jammed, when he tried to reload is when he was taken down. I have a mall ninja magazine for my Remington 742. It holds 10 rounds, unlike the 4-round factory mags. You need to work the bolt on the first two shots and the last two shots, so it’s really a 6 round mag for a semi-auto rifle and a 4-round mag for a bolt-action.

He goes on the “Even if it saves only 1 life!” bullshit” when told that the guy who killed the children whose blood he’s dancing in had the guns illegally. Which one life would it have saved? Certainly not the children’s.

I had to stop after this, it goes on for a long time and there’s just so much stupidity I can handle.

But most of it is, most of the guns found at a crime scene are guns that have been stolen or missing. That’s why we think there should be a requirement to report a stolen weapon immediately, or within a certain time period, or a lost weapon, a requirement to report it

So, the police knowing a gun is stolen will help how? No, how will that help stop a crime?

Not at all. He then goes on about a database that’s totally not registration, it’s just he gov’t knowing who owns what guns and making sure to track them forever and ever. Another bit is that he’s the one who suggested cops (Look, I’m the guy that wrote the crime bill, the so-called Biden Crime) in every school but the evil GOP blocked that.

He also says that they have a database saving NCIS checks now. I’d think that’s just him being stupid, but I’ve never trusted them to not keep that data from background checks. It’s a good thing I’ve had to sell so many guns while I’ve been unemployed before this “gunshow loophole” was implemented.

  1. jokelly65 says:

    you have to give them this, if they are wanting to create a huge black market in weapons and ammo, they are definitely going about it the right way.

    Lets face it, the government and by extension both Parties have lost the Moral and ethical authority to expect unquestioning compliance of the rules, when they routinely flaunt the law, and ignore the constitution except when seeking votes.

    • veeshir says:

      Yeah, you’d think that people who count on the rule of law would do more to make sure people respect it.

      Or not, after I wrote that sentence I realized how naive it looked.

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