I’ll cast the nets.

I think this one will be short on links, long on commentary, let’s find out!

Above the Post Update! (so Ignore that “First up” you’ll see later on)

Anybody see the show “Vikings” on the History Channel? Yes, they interrupted Pawn Stars to air a show about history, I was as surprised as anybody. It was actually decent. It’s a soap opera, but it’s with Vikings. Pretty cool. I hope it doesn’t go too soap opera-y because it was pretty good. Hot shield maiden, evil king, dreaming inventory/adventurer type. My only problem is that Viking women wear far too much clothing. That’s probably why it’s not on HBO or Skinemax.

Now, back to the post!


First up, we’ve all seen McCain getting all jealous that someone else is taking his “maverick” label, so he needed to quash that quickly. Well, Rand Paul fired back. It’s a minitrue link (the Hill), so there will be some hilarity.

“They think the whole world is a battlefield, including America, and that the laws of war should apply,”….

“I don’t think the laws of war apply to America,


Speaking of Obama’s Cox Skybomber Armada, via paco noticing moonbattery,  we get this


It’s hilarious, until you think about it. Where’s Northwestern University again?

A Veeshir Vearless Vrediction for 2016: Jeb Bush or some similar spit in my eye is nominated, Rand Paul is boned by the establishment during the primary. He runs as a libertarian as GOPers explain we need to suck it up and vote for Jeb Bush-type. Rand Paul gets more votes as a libertarian than the GOP but lose to Hillary/First Worf  ticket and all the post-mortems explain how it’s the fault of the unhelpful tea party types who refused to suck it up and vote for the less bad alternative.

Here’s one way they’ll attack him, figuring stuff out is hard, and Rand Paul makes an error I’m surprised someone who managed to be elected Senator would make, he mentions things that are not easily understood but are easily demagogued.

He mentioned some Lochner case that is not the crazy guy in AZ who shot a bunch of people including killing a judge (but he’s conservative so we don’t hear about him) and shot a congresscritter (who’s a Dem so we hear about her all the time). It has something to do with discrimination against women.

So lefties can demagogue him as hating wymyn, as you read this at Volokh where he seems to agree with Rand Paul, you’ll find your eyes drooping and your attention wandering as it’s full of inside Supreme Court stuff.

Rand Paul might be right, but that’s about the least important metric there is in politics today. What matters is that he hates wymyn.

He might do pretty well on the Libertarian ticket, if people like John Stewart can overcome their sucking of Democratic dick to notice he agrees with what they claim to believe.  I mean, sure Stewart is on his side now, but there’s no election coming up. The proof is in the pudding. And until my balls are in the pudding, I’m not counting on shit.

Velly Funny. The sequester is making it so Obama’s constant golfing/vacationing is going to be bad optics. Poor Obama.

For Mr. Obama, the months ahead will be tricky. Few people object to a president taking some time to relax — to work out, play basketball, sit on a beach, go to dinner.

Seriously, you’d have to click through to get the full, “Leave Britney..Obama alone” vibe. I ain’t linking the NY Times though, I avoid fanboi pages when I can, especially considering how they bashed Bush when he took those vacations to his own home.

This is true for so many reasons it’s going to be hard to stick to just a couple.

Court Justice Anthony Kennedy said Wednesday that congressional lawmakers need to maintain the nation’s balance of power by being able to compromise, expressing concerns that the high court is increasingly the venue for deciding politically charged issues such as gay marriage, health care and immigration.

That’s cuz politicians like keeping wedge issues alive that are used for fundraising. It’s also because Minitrue always frames them to show that the Dems are sane and GOP is insane (and hates them some wymyn and minorities) but since the Dems are on the wrong side so far as America itself is concerned (whenever gay marriage goes to the polls it loses)  they don’t want to vote for it.
Relatedly, leftists have discovered that it’s easier to convince a few people than it is to convince voters so their venue is lawfare.

What makes it interesting is that it’s Kennedy saying it, it’s often not 9 deciding, it’s him. What he had for breakfast or whether he got laid last night can decide whether the Constitution means one thing or something else.

I’m torn on this one.

Officials at NASA’s Langley Research Center permitted a contractor to hire a Chinese national affiliated with an organization designated by U.S. national security agencies as an “entity of concern,” and then allowed the individual access to classified information…

On the one hand, it’s NASA, they don’t do anything really important anymore, they just do Muslim outreach, on the other hand, they used to do important stuff so there might be some serious tech that this guy and the others they haven’t noticed yet have stolen. On the gripping hand, didn’t Clinton already sell them all the stuff NASA has anyway? They haven’t done anything new since the 90s, right?

My new, America First, Furriners Second format seems to be setting in. Here’s where I have the transition post, involving overseas and the US.

Turkey sent bin Laden’s brother in law to Jordan where we picked him up and he’s talking. First, thank you Turkey and Jordan, I would expect that from Jordan, but not from the budding jihadis in Turkey. Unless they’re the opposite sect of Islamic jihadis and are just trying to get rid of the competition. That’s actually the way to bet.

Let’s go to Egypt. For Good News!

Thousands of low-ranking policemen on strike across Egypt on Thursday refused orders to work and protested what they claim is the politicization of the force in favor of the president’s Muslim Brotherhood party.

Wait, good news out of Egypt? That’s unexpected. Especially as I haven’t been ‘for’ a strike in a long time.

Back to the USA

Via Ninme, we get something that shows that today’s problems aren’t new, they’re just farther along the slider.

The only thing wrong with that vid is they really needed to highlight Daisy Mae some more.

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  2. Veeshir, I’ll disagree with you, there’s a LOT of information that NASA has that is of interest to other countries. Think STS, the Saturn V F1 engines, jet engine technology, aerodynamics, computer systems, etc. No other country has landed anything remotely in size to a VW Bug on Mars, much less successfully, or the other two Rovers that have been operating, what, five years?
    And I can’t get into some things that they support that the public doesn’t know of.

    • veeshir says:

      Clinton already sold most of that stuff to them in the 90s, it’s only the stuff since then we have to worry about.

      The worst was when he changed computer exports to them from the State Dept to Commerce so they got the supercomputers and software we used to model nukular bombs, which helps since you can’t test them.
      It was actually sort of funny that he moved it to Commerce considering it was a straight cash deal.

      Recall when he had some Chinese nationals/spies staying in the Lincoln Bedroom. He treated that room like a Super 8.

      • Hmmm. You’ve got a better memory for that stuff than I do. I remember hearing about some of Clinton’s shenanigans, but I wasn’t following politics and technology as much then.
        But yeah, NASA screwed the pooch, or was directed to…

        • veeshir says:

          I just watched Clinton lie about everything and the media suck it up. He lied when the truth would have served him better.

          I was the angriest at Wolf Blitzer. He had the coolest job in the world, the first presidential correspondent at the first cable news network, his job was to follow Clinton all over the world.

          He took that job and turned it into being Clinton’s hagiographer. It was infuriating.

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