Irony thy name is Mandiant

Posted: March 7, 2013 by chad98036 in Uncategorized

So a couple weeks ago computer security firm Mandiant releases a report linking China to all sorts of internet foulness – hacking, industrial espionage, etc.  To prove their point they released a 63 page .pdf naming names and showing places.  How did the Chinese respond you ask?  well by compromising the report and using it as a spear phishing attack against Chinese and Japanese journalists that’s how.

As SecurityWeek reported last week, the malicious PDF file masquerading as Mandiant’s APT1 report was being used as part of a spear phishing campaign targeting Japanese and Chinese journalists. Researchers at Seculert found the malware was communicating with a hidden command and control server located in the Shandong province of China, Aviv Raff, CTO of Seculert, told SecurityWeek.

Because nothing is quite as refreshing in the morning as tea brewed with the salty tears of Irony.  (I don’t know what that means it’s 6:30 am and I haven’t had any caffeine yet)

I guess this means the Chinese aren’t going to reform their evil commie ways.






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