Steve Jobs, Superhero and Other Stuff 3/13/13

Posted: March 13, 2013 by chad98036 in Uncategorized

Business Insider  – Looks at why Apple’s image, and stock price, have declined so much and concludes:

Either on the record, or behind closed doors, Jobs would have told a marvelous story about how Apple’s products are transcendent and the competition’s blow. And people would have believed him.

In other words he would have wielded his “Reality Distortion Field” and made everything right.  See Superpowers, and apparently the Japanese agree – their making him into a manga character.

The life story of Steve Jobs is to be made into a manga comic book series in Japan and the first illustration from artist Mari Yamazaki has appeared online.

Ars Technica – The man behind 3D printable guns decides to go pirate:

Wilson said DefCAD will become a for-profit corporation that will act as a one-stop search engine for “3D printable models” of just about anything. In other words, DefCAD hopes to be an expanded version of the physibles section on the Pirate Bay.

“It maintains all the present features but we step it up a notch,” Wilson told Ars. “The Pirate Bay has the right idea with physibles, but increasingly the fight is going to be about physical copyright—we want to build one of the tools early.”

ZDnet – Cybercrime more of a threat than terrorism?

On Tuesday, as reported by Reuters, intelligence chiefs ousted terrorism as the "top threat" facing the United States, and instead replaced it with cybercrime. The report notes that digital assaults on governmental targets have risen, and more importantly, as technology is evolving at such a rapid pace, it is difficult to keep up.

I guess it depends on your definitions – it seems to me that a lot of what is now classified as cybercrime would be classified as terrorism if conducted in meatspace.   In either case it’s economically disruptive and is going to continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

NY Times – Blloomberg’s Reign of Terror Finally Being Scaled Back by the Courts. 

Not really much to say on that, he is starting to get slapped down about 12 years too late.

Ariane Saint-Amour Latex Watch – she remains at 1,500 Euros.  2 days since the last donor, has her campaign lost steam? 

  1. veeshir says:

    The worst part about Bloomberg is that Teh Peepul voted in term limits and he and the city council said, “We don’t like term limits” so they should not have been able to run but did and they were reelected.

    NYC has the gov’t they want and that’s why I root for every, stupid, little thing he thinks up.

    Freedom is scary, being told what to do is what they want.

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