Just Stuff 3/14/2013

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Ars TechnicaAaron Swartz’s Lawyer Files Complaint Against Prosecutor

The complaint letter [PDF], which is dated January 28 but was just published this afternoon by The Huffington Post, accuses Heymann of withholding key evidence, as well as abusive behavior related to plea bargaining. The letter was sent to the Office of Professional Responsibility, a part of the Department of Justice tasked with overseeing its lawyers.

and relatedly Swartz’ partner lays out a new standard for conducting investigations – Reach the conclusion first and then everything better agree with it or the investigation is invalid. 

Stinebrickner-Kauffman said that only if MIT releases a report in a "timely fashion," acknowledges "serious mistakes" by MIT, and holds "specific people and … structures accountable," will the investigation have been in earnest. (emphasis added)

I have to say that is a much easier way to do things than actually considering facts.  To be clear I am not actually saying that MIT should be absolved, I don’t know because I don’t know enough specifics.  I have read the documentation available and have read what his friends and lawyers say, but I still want to see what MIT has to say.

(As a side note – this is the first article on this case I have seen where the comments are running about 2 to 1 against Swartz – of course it is still early so that may change)

All Things DSamsung Purposefully Impeding Windows Phone 8?

“Our checks indicate that Samsung may be intentionally gobbling up Microsoft’s smartphone resources as a strategic move to impede the adoption of Windows Phone 8,” Johnston theorizes. “While Samsung insists on receiving extensive engineering support (which they are getting) from Microsoft, there is no evidence that Samsung has any interest in seeing the Windows Phone platform succeed.”

Could be.  Or it could be thar WP8 still hasn’t achieved the “cool factor”  I was at a Verizon store kiosk with someone on Sunday.  I have an HTC 8x and they have played with it a few times and liked the live tiles and such so they were asking about Windows Phone.  Both  the people at the kiosk really ran the phone down, saying most people found it way to complicated to use, that it was too expensive etc. (while misstating the price btw  HTC 8x is $99.99 with 2 year contract they kept saying $179 and when I corrected them they wouldn’t acknowledge it.)  This is an ongoing problem for Microsoft, if the sales people keep trying to make the phone as unattractive as possible to buyers no one will buy.

Seattle TimesNew Pope Elected

Can’t actually say I care but if I were Catholic I might be a little excited.  Lots of first here.  First resignation in 600 years or so, first Jesuit, first Pope from the new world, first non European in 1200 years.  Anyway supposedly all this means a new direction for the church, we’ll see.

AT&T’s view if the future from 1993 (via Reddit)

RT.com – Sounds like OpIsrael is still on for April, with the goal of erasing Israel from the internet.

and via a group of unnamed individuals – National Vulnerability Database (where the government records and catalogs exploits and malware) is down due to a malware infection.

Related to the previous– The NIST Guide to Malware Incident handling and Prevention.  101 pages of fun.

  1. veeshir says:

    Swartz’ partner lays out a new standard for conducting investigations – Reach the conclusion first and then everything better agree with it or the investigation is invalid.

    So…it’s basically like the current model of the scientific method.

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