A couple of NY Post links that don’t include either maniacs or cannibals. (I know)

So a kid with a gun was shot by police in Brooklyn, so there have been mostly peaceful protests going on.

A police officer was smashed in the face with a brick and 50 people were arrested as unrest over a teenager shot dead by cops continued to plague a Brooklyn neighborhood last night.

Mostly peaceful. I don’t know the circumstances, but I do know that the kid had the gun illegally. I have seen quotes from relatives who said he was trying to turn the gun in, I assume he was going to do so after choir practice and before volunteering an orphanage.

In “My Job Is Too Hard” news, we see the TSA explaining that they’re useless and should be disbanded.

The TSA whined yesterday that it’s just too darn hard for agents to find bombs — unless the terrorists use explosives straight out of a Loony Tunes cartoon.



Think that’s harsh?

“It’s not like they’re using a cartoonish bundle of dynamite with an alarm clock strapped to it,” Bob Burns of the TSA Blog Team posted on the agency’s Web site.

I understand, you’re too incompetent and the whole dept. should be disbanded.

In How Dare You Trust My Employers hilarity, Tom Maguire notices this hilarity.

Quoth Paul Krugman

OK, I’m an evil person — and my scheming has paid off.

On Friday I started hearing from friends about a fake story making the rounds about my allegedly filing for personal bankruptcy; I even got asked about the story by a reporter from Russian television, who was very embarrassed when I told him it was fake. But I decided not to post anything about it; instead, I wanted to wait and see which right-wing media outlets would fall for the hoax.

And Breitbart.com came through!


Tom notices something that apparently that uber-evil genius didn’t.

Those silly righties! Left unmentioned at Krugman’s blog – Breitbart lifted the story from the website of the Boston Globe, a NY Times company. I think it is kind of funny that the Times organization was duped about the bankruptcy of their own columnist…

As are we all Tom, as are we all.

In “Word of the Year” news, we see this word “austerity” that used to mean “living within your means” but now apparently means something about raising taxes to afford how you want to live.

Don’t believe me? In a story about Qatar cutting off Egypt as they’re running out of food, fuel and goats for escort services, they talk about the IMF demanding Austerity.

A $4.8 billion grant from the IMF could stanch the bleeding, but it requires Egypt to accept austerity measures.

Is there now an International Journolist that is coordinating the use of that word?

Relatedly, France and Britain has decided they will arm jihadis caught in the global downturn.

France has joined Britain by indicating it may be ready to break ranks with the rest of the EU and question the utility of the arms embargo for the Free Syrian Army.

That’s pretty funny, they’ve disarmed their own populace as they’re arming jihadis.


I love tilting at windmills, it doesn’t do any good by itself, but if we can get enough people doing it we’ll get rid of the scourge of polluting windmills. Or something, I don’t know. Just read this and stop expecting me to make sense.

Just how bad are some of our members of Congress?

29 members have been accused of spousal abuse, 7 have been arrested for fraud, 19 have been accused of writing bad checks, 117 have bankrupted at least 2 businesses, 3 have been arrested for physical assault, 71 have such bad credit that they can’t even qualify for a credit card, (yet with their special clearance as a member of Congress they get an Amex card without having a credit check.) 14 have been arrested on drug related charges, 8 have been arresting for shoplifting, and at least 84 members of Congress have been stopped for drunk driving but subsequently let go once they showed they were members of Congress.

That’s our Congress!

Okay, this one makes me laugh. Ed Schutz is being demoted at MSNBC,  no not fore being too leftist

Chris Hayes will take over the 8 p.m. time slot on MSNBC in the next month, the channel announced on Thursday morning, the day after the current host of that hour, Ed Schultz, said he was moving from the weekdays to the weekends.


So who is Chris Hayes?

The same Chris Hayes who on Memorial Day said he was “uncomfortable” calling fallen American soldiers “heroes.”

I figure Ed was demoted because he kept getting caught doctoring video.

In, Ummm Dude? We Had One Revolution Over Just That Issue Already news, Bill Gates explains why we need to be more like the British.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, the wealthiest American, said on “some days” he wishes the U.S. political system were like England’s,

Seriously, the US Constitution was created to fix the problems with the British system.

Speaking of the Constitution, we see that Feinstein’s “What 2nd Amendment” bill was voted out of committee so our fine, GOP betters can get on with taking my guns.


Last, no linky, but does anybody know which Saint Francis the new pope named himself after? I ask because I keep seeing people say that he named himself after St. Francis without explaining which one.

Shep Smith, who is obviously wholly ignorant of the Catholic Church, kept saying, “He named himself after Saint Francis”, so I kept saying, “Which St Francis you fucking moron?”( I have a low opinion of Shep).

I then saw him say at one point something about that St. Francis being a Jesuit, so Francis Xavier.

Later, I was watching something else on Fox for a few minutes when I saw the scroll along the bottom saying, “…named after St Francis of Assisi.”

I understand Shep is lazy, stupid and so very ignorant so I shouldn’t pick on him, but if Foxnews is going to send someone so ignorant to cover the Catholic Church, couldn’t they at least have provided him with a producer who knows something about the Catholic Church?

  1. MikeD says:

    My understanding is that Pope Francis I took the name after Francis Xavier, because he was a Jesuit.

  2. chad says:

    1. He took the name for St. Francis of Asisi according to the Vatican, at least on the newscast this morning.

    2. Not to defend the TSA too much but I did the training to use those machines and it is very difficult. Even the US Marshalls Service, which runs the machines at Federal Courthouses has a less than stellar record in catching guns, knives, and explosives using them.

    • Veeshir says:

      1. Do you have a link?

      2. So you agree, they are useless and should be disbanded.

      • chad says:

        That isn’t what I said, I said your measure of incompetency is not s good metric. Whether or not they are incompetent can’t be determined from your data unless you want to declare all people using the same equipment with similar results incompetent. If that is the case then we can talk.

        • veeshir says:

          I know what you said, and if you’ll notice in my response I said, “useless” not ‘incompetent’.

          If they can’t find bombs, what good are they?
          Why are they feeling up if they’re not going to find anything?

          I can’t bring a bottle of Coke through the line but terrorists can, apparently, get bombs through.

  3. Lemur King says:

    I am reminded of an old joke, source unknown… “I wouldn’t mind being a cardinal but I wouldn’t want to be the pope. I’m not a papal person.”

    Seems like a decent enough guy. The Catholic Church could use a mixup. I mean that in a positive way, not disparagingly.

    Regardless of the TSA’s competence in reality, I expect a bunch of folks who are being hardasses to suck it up and quit bitching about how hard their job is. I would rather they went away and put the money towards a few more marshals.

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