Ubuntu hates America and Other Stuff 3/15/13

Posted: March 15, 2013 by chad98036 in Uncategorized

Ars TechnicaReuters Social Media Editor Charged With Helping a Group of Unknown Individuals with Hacking L.A. Times Website.

Keys identified himself as a former Tribune employee, and is alleged to have provided a username and password for the Tribune CMS that allowed hackers to modify stories posted on latimes.com. These credentials were subsequently used to deface one story for approximately 30 minutes.

He was outed to the members of the group by Sabu, a hacker who later became an FBI Informant.   There are probably a couple important lessons here – One being when you’re doing illegal shit don’t brag about it all over the internet and Two, don’t run your mouth to FBI informants.  Just saying – take a lesson from the mafia Omerta doesn’t exist anymore.

In the Slashdot comments on the above story this gem:

Ubuntu £inux is making America go broke. Ubuntu’s philosophy of openness is a lie because they steal your information and sell it to the Amazon and NSA agents who use it to profile you. To what end nobody knows. Microsoft has tried to prevent Ubuntu from creating the first serious monopoly in computing history but anti trust laws have proven noneffective against the Ubuntu juggernaut. It won’t be long until the Canonical tax drives the cost of computers through the roof so only the rich can afford one. Did you know that Ubuntu can’t run the hit release Aliens: Colonial Marines? This is a serious offense because Ubuntu could kill the video game industry causing millions to lose jobs. All that in the name of communism. Rest assured that Canonical is no hippie paradise: their phones will contain black ops NSA tracking ribbons that can geolocate you without electricity anywhere in the world, the same technology used to track $20 bills. Some speculate the NSA works for Canonical, but there is no proof. But you have to ask the question.

Either someone is poking fun or the crazy is strong in this one.  You decide.

NYTimesObama Confronts New Chinese President Over Cyberattacks

The president used the occasion to discuss the loss of United States intellectual property from cyberattacks. The mere mention of cyberthreats is a step forward for an administration that has been reluctant to confront Beijing on Chinese military attacks even as billions of dollars’ worth of trade secrets have been stolen.

And the usefulness of this will be… Probably Zero but at least it gives me something to put in the blog.

Unfortunately I have run out of Russian Pop Music videos to brighten your day so instead I offer – Polish Pop Music

or maybe Thai Pop Music

  1. veeshir says:

    I read Obama talking to the Chinese like that as a shakedown.

    He’s just saying they need to up the bribes if they’re going to be stealing so much.

    As for the “crazy” or “satire troll” question, that’s a poser. I keep going back and forth on it.

    And that’s why the intertubes is so great.

  2. chad says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s a troll, with maybe just a hint of crazy: 1) It’s posted on Slashdot where Linux is worshipped like the Golden Bull while Moses was up the mountain, 2) It refers to the hit game Aliens: Colonial Marines, which has been almost universally despised, 3) Linux is an incredibly small percentage of desktop systems so the idea that Linux not playing some games will crash the gaming industry and cause the loss of millions of jobs (if there are that many jobs in gaming) is ridiculous. So with all that I’m pretty sure someone was just poking at the open source beehive.

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