Round The Tubes: Crappy Internet Connection!

Posted: March 18, 2013 by veeshir in Anklebiting rugrats, Fun With Media, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP FAIL, GOP Win!, Liberal Fascism, Nanny State, Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault


Man, wordpress loads slower than shit with a crappy connection. I tried doing this post 5 hours ago but I got tired of watching WordPress “new post” load and load and load….. and yes, I tried that shitty, Chrome browser too. It was just as shitty.

So here’s the delayed tubes! So you’ve probably seen it before, oh well. Pretend it’s earlier.

Some headline fun.

Weiner blames everything but his weiner!
Weiner is still fuming over his downfall, and he blames Nancy Pelosi,” said a source

That Cyprus deal just got more interesting. Apparently, Cyprus is where Russian mobsters keep their money.

Russian citizens account for the majority of the billions of euros deposited and Russian banks are also heavily exposed to the island as a offshore centre for big business

That’s not going to make Tsar Putin I happy. Those people pay him good money for protection and if there’s one thing a Bond villain takes seriously, it’s his evil responsibilities.

The only problem I have with linking ninme is that I have no idea what the hell a ninme is but I do know a ninme does find good links.
Children Around The World With Their Most Prized Possessions.
Some very cool, some just freaking depressing.

This one makes me laugh, apparently Sid Blumenthal had his account hacked and some emails to Hillary! (she’s getting her ! back!) were taken and being distributed.
First, we all know a lot of “journalists” will try to ignore the emails because I’m sure they make Hillary! look bad. But what makes me laugh is this bit

Blumenthal told TSG that when he attempted to access his e-mail yesterday morning, he could not successfully log in. He then contacted an AOL representative

Seriously? That’s fucking hilarious. These are our best and brightest.

A drudgetaposition

Rand Paul says we should read bills before we vote on them and hey, let’s work on that liberty thing.
Kristolnacht: Rand Paul too old for the GOP.

Philly mag article tries to start a dialogue on race.

But this is how I see it: We need to bridge the conversational divide so that there are no longer two private dialogues in Philadelphia—white people talking to other whites, and black people to blacks—but a city in which it is okay to speak openly about race. That feels like a lot to ask, a leap of faith for everyone. It also seems like the only place to go, the necessary next step.

Look before you leap, or in this case, shut up before you leap.

Meanwhile, when I drive through North Philly to visit my son, I continue to feel both profoundly sad and a blind desire to escape.

Though I wonder: Am I allowed to say even that?

No, you’re not

Mayor Nutter calls the article’s tone “disgusting,” and he’s asked the Human Relations Commission to investigate some of the sensitive racial issues explored in the piece.

Yeah, that “dialogue” race hustlers keep talking about? It’s all about how the white man is evil and we need to give the Revs Al and Jesse and all the other race hustlers money to make it better.

Remember when the LAPD were running around shooting anything that looked like a truck when they were chasing the crazed cop-killing cop?

Well apparently it’s your fault for driving a truck that looked nothing like the truck they were chasing.

The two newspaper delivery women who were shot at during the manhunt for Christopher Dorner will not be getting a new replacement truck as promised by the LAPD


Good Cop.

Weld County Sheriff John Cooke told The Greeley Tribune that Democratic lawmakers are scrambling after recent mass shootings, and the bills are “feel-good, knee-jerk reactions that are unenforceable.”

The sheriff said he “won’t bother enforcing” the laws because it would be impossible for officers to keep track of how the requirements are being met by gun owners — and he and other sheriffs are considering suing the state to block the measures if they are signed into law.

Bad Cop.

More than 300 people were issued citations for public drinking.

And we find that 244 were cited in 2012, and 148 in 2011… Why, it’s almost like they discovered that there was gold in handing out citations for drinking! And, surprise of surprises… When the police go out and actively seek out people to ticket for public drinking, they find more crimes being committed…

Many (most? All?) places treat police as revenue generators instead of peace officers.

Via From The Barrel Of A Gun we see state ranks on gun freedom. The only thing that bothers me is that it’s a 51 page slideshow. I never click that stupid shit so if someone else does, let me know where AZ falls, I bet it’s in the top 5.

We’ll end on some NYC hilarity.

Good News! They’re building affordable housing in NYC!

Well, there is one catch.

so long as developers of housing along the toxic Gowanus can keep out the bright-green canal water.


To bad Bloomberg didn’t have anything to do with Brooklyn or he might have something to do besides take pitchers of soda from tables of children.

  1. AndyN says:

    Arizona’s #1, baby.

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