Texas must be running out of people to send to jail and other stuff 3/18/2013

Posted: March 18, 2013 by chad98036 in Uncategorized

Austin Statesman Texas is considering allowing suing prosecutors who withhold evidence that can prove innocence.

A bill by Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston and chair of the Criminal Justice Committee, would close a legal loophole by resetting the statute of limitations for exonerated Texans who allege misconduct by prosecutors. Under current law, they can be denied their day and court, snatching from them another measure of dignity. Another bill, Senate Bill 1611, sponsored by Ellis and Republican state Sen. Robert Duncan of Lubbock, would help reduce wrongful convictions by requiring both prosecutors and defense lawyers to share files that include discovery, witness statements or other key information.

And this from Texas where they are commonly portrayed as lynching people at random to keep crime under control.

Little Green FootballsObama is Satan

Hey I can extrapolate can’t I? 

OK seriously before my spoofing causes someone, somewhere in Hawaii, to have a massive coronary his real point is that the producers of “The Bible” on The History Channel are right wing wackos who are trying to convince the gullible that Obama is Satan, and should, I assume, therefore be put to death.

WiredWhy Johnny Mnemonic Sucked

No it’s not just Keanu Reeves and Dina Meyers as the main characters, the underlying story was bad too.

via a group of unnamed individualsRED! – a film examining the intersection between hacktivism, politics, ethics and law.

  1. Sorry, but there’s some problem with Dina Meyer…?

  2. chad says:

    Only that she sucked in Johnny Mnemonic other than that I have no problem with her.

  3. D says:

    Not clicking on LGF, probably still banned (is there a time limit, it’s been years?)

  4. That one’s safe, D.

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