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First some Mideast Madness, it’s like March Madness with the same amount of rioting but more killing.

Soccerdad at Yourish has a good post on Minitrue loving some Intifada.  It’s nothing new for Minitrue to root for terrorists to send children out front with rocks and gunmen behind to draw fire, and if the Jews don’t kill them some kids, the Palestinians will be more than happy to fix that lack and then scream The Jooooooooooooos!

Soccerdad links to this story about how throwing rocks isn’t peaceful.

IDF special forces arrested ten Palestinian men overnight Friday on suspicion of hurling rocks at an Israeli vehicle and being behind an attack that led the car to veer off the road, hit a truck, and leave a three-year-old girl fighting for her life.

Yeah, but it wasn’t the Jews causing problems so you won’t see that story in a Minitrue outlet, can’t have people getting the wrong idea.

Next door in Lebanon, I have to wonder if any your average non-jihadi, Lebanese are hoping the Marines left some stuff in Tripoli they might want to pick up.

“There are snipers from Jabal Mohsen targeting Bab al-Tabbaneh [residents], and a grenade was thrown from Jabal Mohsen onto Syria Street, which led to retaliation from Bab al-Tabbaneh

Those poor bastards are fucked, but they let Hezbollah and other terrorists get strong to fight Israel and then got all upset about how terrorists act like terrorists so my pity is tempered.

This quote is interesting

However, he added that if a battle erupted in Bab al-Tabbaneh, “it will be a spark for [a war] in all of Lebanon, and this is what the Iranian and Syrian regimes are planning.”

Especially considering this

Syrian air force jets fired four rockets at an uninhabited section of the border with Lebanon on March 18, according to security sources.

I can’t figure that out, is Iran just trying to get the whole middle east blow up and why?

They must also be fucking with Israel.

Lebanon: Israeli jets dropped flare bombs along the coast of the southern city of Tyre Monday, security sources told The Daily Star.

The aircraft launched five flares to illuminate the night sky for reconnaissance purposes, the sources said, adding that the devices extinguished five to 10 minutes after they were released.

In Afghanistan we find another group of jihadis who I’ve never heard of.

Following a deadly suicide bombing in northern Afghanistan that killed 10 people on March 13, Afghan and Coalition forces launched separate raids on March 14 and March 15 targeting three senior members of the al Qaeda-linked Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

Well that can’t be, Obama strangled the last al Quaeda terrorist himself!

This one is kind of funny but I’d be pretty fucking scared if I was the guy running against Chavez’ successor thug.

Venezuela’s acting president said on Wednesday that “far right” figures in the United States were plotting to kill opposition leader Henrique Capriles

“The Americans are going to kill the guy I’m running against!” says the successor thug in chief (former secret police chief). Eh, it’s better than being killed resisting arrest I guess.

High Praise! for Harvey for giving High Praise! to the Real Revo (accept no substitutes!) with this picture



We all know Europeans’ favorite pasttime is going on killing sprees against the “other”, just ask 1,000+ years of Jews, and further, the Germans are some of the best, the 30 Years War was fought primarily in what is now Germany after all and who can forget them trying to take over the world twice last century? Jihadis, that’s who.

More recently, Salafists have issued death threats against German politicians, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “The groups aim to change our society in an aggressive belligerent way so that democracy would be replaced by a Salafist system, and the rule of law replaced by Sharia law.” — Hans-Peter Friedrich, Ministry of the Interior, Germany

Silly jihadis, don’t rile the Germans up, they’re already fucking pissed off at the rest of EUnuchstan sucking their cash and are just looking for someone to kill.

Obama finishes stabbing our eastern European friends in the back to make Tsar Putin I happy.

The United States has effectively canceled the final phase of a Europe-based missile defense system that was fiercely opposed by Russia and cited repeatedly by the Kremlin as a major obstacle to cooperation on nuclear arms reductions and other issues.

When a dictator tells you a defensive system is “provocative”, you know he’s planning invasion routes.

Sorry guys, hopefully the Germans will be on your side when Tsar Putin I tries to rebuild the Soviet Empire.

In Springtime For Hitler news, we see this bit of hilarity.

Krafft was given a pass by reviewers, collectors and critics for his use of swastikas, nazism and Hitler. It was all genius-level kitsch. It belittled the Third Reich, rendering it cheap in scathing mockulatory fashion.

Then a funny thing happened. Krafft was exposed as a white supremacist and holocaust denier.

Does that make it more or less “ironic”?

We’ll seg our ue to America by using another iOwn the World link.  We’ve all seen the new DOD 9 steps for stopping a violent crime without using violence. These folks have provided a handi-doody vid to illustrate the proper method.

That’s hilarious, except it’s what they really expect us to do so it’s not funny at all.

Bwahahahahahahhahaha. The guy is fantastic and the music makes it.

A Trainwreck in Maxwell makes an insightful observation about this story.

Barnegat, N.J.  police arrested a woman after they say she got out of her car, lifted her shirt and bra and exposed her breasts to surveillance cameras.

No picture with the story so, not hot.
Related, DHS MRAPs we’ve been assured are not for the DHS are being spotted on our streets.
Among stated concerns include the obviousness and normalcy of it all.
With this bit being a good idea.

“If you see these monsters, photograph them and post the photos on Twitter #DHSMRAP,” he advises, creating a stated intelligence-gathering mission for concerned activists.

“If you see them, report them,” he urges.

Totally grassroots protests in Detroit against the governor stepping in to do a real austerity thing, so since austerity now means raising taxes it can’t be called that.
Hundreds of well-organized demonstrators vowing “civil disobedience” will greet Michigan Republican Gov. Rick Snyder’s visit to Cobo Hall in Detroit Monday for an economic summit in order to protest Snyder’s selection of a powerful “emergency manager” to save the city of Detroit from bankruptcy.
You can tell it’s grassroots by how well organized they are, grassroots are always very organized.
The New Puritans.  Less worried about sex but still worried about having unapproved fun.
But puritans haven’t vanished. They’ve merely changed the subject. The expansion of freedom in matters of sex has coincided with a shrinkage in matters of health. New Yorkers would laugh at laws policing sex, but they elected a mayor who has no problem trying to control other physical indulgences.
Hey Bloomberg!
Which is bothering some libertari….libertines like Bill Maher.
Bill Maher blasted New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg Friday saying, “There is something wrong about the 7th richest person in the world, lying in bed at night saying, ’You know what people shouldn’t do? Drink too much Sprite. And I’m going to make that a law.’” Last week, state Supreme Court Judge, Justice Milton Tingling struck down Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban.
I guess we know whose ox is being gored now.
Last we have this bit of scary hilarity. So Chris Matthews sees a revolution coming and he worries about what’s most important to him.
How does Barack Obama escape this frightening axe coming down sharpl and brutally on his presidency? How does he avoid personal harm when the country rises up in anger?
Oh noes! Louis the 17th  might be hurt!
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