It’s an interesting day, (insert smug recitation of Chinese curse thing) so let’s start with the most interesting.

Let’s start with a GIF from me to you.


We’ve all seen accusations flying at Syria over using chemical weapons, I take that with a grain of salt, but I have to say that they did it. Why?

“Terrorists fired rockets containing chemical materials on Khan al-Assal in Aleppo province, and preliminary information suggests 15 people were killed, mostly civilians,” the state news agency SANA and Syrian state television said.

He who smelt it, dealt it.

I could be wrong, but if jihadis had chemical weapons they would have used them on Israel long before now.

Now they’ve crossed the line that Obama done drew. (an artist’s conception, accurate until the last line)

In the 70s we saw the Arafish and his PLO terrorists start a civil war in Lebanon between Muslims and Christians, but they’ve cowed the Christians mostly so what’s a murderous group of religion of peacers to do?

Ayyad, the Shiite cleric, denied the accusation and said the men who beat the Sunni sheikhs were “uncontrollable” youth known for troublemaking.

Now it’s between Sunni and Shiite, just as Allah intended.

Now this is very interesting. Supposedly Cyprus is rescinding the “We’re gonna take your money” deal.

IMF head Christine Lagarde, speaking at a financial conference in Germany, added her voice to the chorus of backtracking.

I wonder, was it the riots or Tsar Putin I? I know which way I’m betting, and it ain’t on Teh Peepul, it is EUnuchstan after all.

Two “Fuck You Harry Reid” links.

First, he’s blaming the deaths of Marines in a training exercise on the Sequester. You know, fuck you Nevada. This man has said so many despicable things over the last 10 years that I no longer blame him, I blame the mother fucking assholes who vote for Mr. We’ve Lost The Iraq War. I saw this everywhere but on Drudge first.

Here’s Reid saying something stupid about a budget.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid warned Monday that a failure to quickly finish up a 2013 stopgap spending bill could restrict the time that senators have to battle it out over the 2014 budget resolution later this week.

So once again we see the problems of not having a budget are causing them to not have a budget.

It’s like a vicious circle only it accuses me of being stupid.

Okay, this looks like good news, but it ain’t.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has decided that a proposed assault weapons ban won’t be part of a gun control bill

You know they’re going to do the “sensible” gun laws (like universal background checks), McCain, Graham and the rest need to be able to say, “We got rid of the stupid bill and kept this sensible one.”

Fuck you. That’s all I have to say about that, I’m thinking more shit but I’m not ready to write that yet.

Speaking of common sense chains, via Bob Owens we see this bit of hilarity. The Connecticut governor has some proposed things that would have stopped that crazed shooter in CT.

There was also enough consensus among the commission members to recommend bans on high-capacity magazines and the possession, sale or transfer or guns — both military-style firearms and handguns — that are capable of firing more than 10 rounds of ammunition without reloading.

First, the guy stole the guns so no laws except one that mandates going back a thousand years or more and making it so nobody ever discovers gunpowder would have stopped that, as for the mag ban, he would have taken about 9 extra seconds to load two more mags.

It’s just CT pols dancing in the blood of children to make sure there are no citizens in CT, just subjects,  but let’s look at the part that’s making me laugh.

mandating all its K-12 classrooms have doors that can be locked from the inside.

I feel for the teachers who leave the classroom and find it locked when they get back. Every substitute in CT is praying that shit don’t happen. Seriously, I predict at least once a day that some teacher is locked out. Then, CT pols will have to pass a law making it a felony to lock a classroom if there’s no shooter which will lead to…. hilarity!

Now this sucks, this really pisses me off. America has always had a “first to invent”, so if you thought something up first, you were the one who could get the patent, but now it’s “First to file”, so if someone finds out about your idea, they can patent it so long as they get there first and claim they invented. That’s fucked up. That’s very bad. That article is pretty good about patents if anybody’s interested.

There are many things that they could do to reform the patent system, the best would be to go back to when business methods were not patentable, I have never seen a business method patent that I thought deserved to be patented. Not a one, and I’ve looked at many thousands of class 705 patents. Most of them are intended only to sue other people.

Even worse, some of the shit that gets patented is ridiculous. There’s a patent for “Exercising Your Cat With A Laser Pointer” and another for “Swinging Side To Side On A Swing”.  For instance, this person got a patent on milking a cow

. A method of milking an animal having at least two teats, the method comprising:

a stimulation phase in which at least one of the teats of the animal is stimulated; and

a milking phase in which the animal is milked;

wherein the method comprises:

applying a stimulation phase and a milking phase to one of the teats of the animal, and

applying substantially only a milking phase to at least one of the other teats of the animal.

Anybody who knows how to milk a cow will notice that they’ve patented how people have been milking cows since…. there have been cows.

Many, like that one, are not in 705, but they’re been patented because business method patents are legal (State St decision where a judge said, “That’s my decision, oh, and business method patents are legal now.”)

That is the Full Patent Attorney Employment Decision.

SondraK somehow got a picture from one of Bloomberg’s nightmare last night. Not sure how.



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