Gastrointestinal Russian Roulette

Posted: March 25, 2013 by doubleplusundead in Random Crap

I just ate Taco Bell…


  1. veeshir says:

    What I miss is White Castle.

    They taste so good going down and withing about 25 minutes,they clean out your intestinal tract.

    It’s like playing russian roulette with 6 rounds.

    In a 5 shooter.

  2. wintersetruss says:

    Aah, the Nagant revolver. A seven shooter. I remember a review I read of one in the Shotgun News years ago. “A good combat revolver, if your main job is shooting prisoners in the head at close range.”

    I bought one about 7 years ago, back when you could get them for $65. The ammo is wicked expensive, but you can shoot 32 S&W Long from it instead (but the cases will come out bulged & unreloadable, so use cheap crap like Aguila) to save money. The double action trigger pull is atrocious (25 pounds, I think), but the single action pull ain’t half bad.

    Would I buy one again? No, but if someone gave me one, I would accept it.

  3. wintersetruss says:

    I remember right after I bought it, I had a few rounds of .32 H&R magnum that I got in a “grab bag” box at an estate auction years ago. I took that pig of a gun out to the country & ran about 5 rounds of the magnum ammo through it because I’d read an article on-line that talked about using .32 H&R mag as an alternative to the 7.62 Nagant ammo. Most of the cases actually split in the chambers, but there wasn’t any gases or chunks that blew back at me.

    Later, I read another posting that said UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you use the .32 H&R magnum ammo in this gun. Use .32 S&W long if you have to, but the magnum stuff could be too much.

    I also remember seeing conversion cylinders for sale where you could convert the gun over to .32 ACP with a little filing and “bubba gunsmithing”. Those used to run about as much as the gun originally cost, but now that the 7.62 ammo is all around $30 a box or more, those might be a good thing to have.

    Or just buy a better gun. That’s probably the best idea.

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