Breaking: Arrest Made in Boston Marathon Bombing

Posted: April 17, 2013 by Moron Pundit in News

Or, at least, suspect in custody. The Federal Court House is a zoo in anticipation of his arrival.

Update:  Or, not.   Now nobody knows what is going on or if anything is going on at all.   Thanks for all the coming conspiracy theories, layers upon layers of fact-checkers!


  1. jokelly65 says:

    any one else notice that the story keeps changing at the drop of a hat, first two bombs, then three, then five more found but not detonated, then it was an electrical fire, and mistaken packages. pictures of suspects being arrested, the FBI picking up a Saudi student and searching his apartment after getting a warrant, now no one is being held or questioned.

    its getting hard to figure out whats real news and whats not. I think the victims and their family’s and America deserve to have some accurate news at this point.

    apparently the Fed and Boston PD are getting confused about what they are doing or .. dare I suggest the Media is just passing off rumors as news… no say it isnt so. how about the ambulance chasers start doing some fact checking.. might actually improve their believability.

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