This was a very good thing for us

Posted: April 18, 2013 by doubleplusundead in Op/Sped

I’ve discussed this with a few peeps here, but I’m so glad the Democrats burned up all this time and political capital trying and failing to pass a gun control bill.  Not only did these fucktards lose the time and political capital, they handed the NRA yet another big win.  On top of that, this was capital and time they could have used to pass amnesty, and I think had they done it this winter and early spring, they’d have it.  Now?  I think it’s still likely they’ll pass some form of amnesty, given Congress really, reeeeeeeeeally fucking wants it, but the odds have dropped considerably.

One thing we have going for us is that it’s now spring, which means when the amnesty push heats up, there will be demonstrations in the streets, and if they taste victory, the demonstrators will be even more obnoxious then last time (socialists can’t help themselves), which will end up damaging the effort.  Don’t underestimate how fucking bad the amnesty demonstrations pissed people off the last time they tried this.

Of course, Toomey and Rubio show that we can’t fucking trust anyone in the GOP, even people that were supposed to be on our side.

  1. mrfixitou812 says:

    I don’t trust ANY of them, they are fucking politicians, after all.

  2. Mob says:

    I don’t think this is over.

    I remember folks thinking Obamacare was dead again and again and again. Yet it kept coming back. Obama isn’t going to give this up. This isn’t just politics for him. He’s a True Believer. The Democrats and the Media will be more than happy to keep pushing, and the Republicans will eventually cave.

  3. Sockless Joe says:

    Was just at a conference where Toomey spoke. He didn’t acknowledge (or perhaps is ignorant of) the Volohk critique, but it sounds like he’s done with this issue.

    • doubleplusundead says:

      I don’t know why Toomey did what he did, he needs the ‘burb vote, but the ‘burb vote isn’t going to reward him for this, the ‘burbs go the way they want to fucking go, but I can tell you a lot of people who are very motivated voters and NRA people are fucking pissed at him right now.

  4. Rob in Katy says:

    It’s always “Gun Control” time….the asshats will find a way.

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