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 Bombing Suspects Chechnyans in US legally

Boston Herald –

The suspects were identified to The Associated Press as coming from the Russian region near Chechnya, which has been plagued by an Islamic insurgency stemming from separatist wars. A law enforcement intelligence bulletin obtained by the AP identified the surviving bomb suspect as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, a 19-year-old who had been living in Cambridge, just outside Boston, and said he “may be armed and dangerous.”

PJ Media

Tamerlan Tzarnaev, the suspect killed, was reportedly 26 and born in Russia and has been a legal permanent resident since 2007. The younger brother was born in Kyrgyzstan, according to NBC, or Chechnya, according to Russian media. A Russian journalist reported both attended school in Dagestan, which neighbors Chechnya and also has an Islamist extremist insurgency, before coming to the U.S. CNN reported that the brothers stopped in Kazakhstan, not Turkey, before coming to the U.S.

GizmodoCondom Company Makes Vibrating Underwear Controlled By Your iPhone

The undergarments are loaded with touch technology, and are controlled by a smartphone app—an iPhone in the demo videos—that knows what gender your partner is. The app has diagrams of your partner’s crotch, which you drag your finger across to stimulate their actual crotch from wherever you are in the world. Or the bra, since that apparently vibrates too.

So we all know how these will be used and I expect that for the next few years we will be seeing news stories about car crashes, disrupted meeting , and miscellaneous hilarity resulting from orgasms at inappropriate times.   Good times Smile

Thus once again leading to the age old question – Just because we can does that mean we should? 

The Hacker NewsMany of the attacks involved in OpIsrael  originated from criminal botnets


  1. Mitchell says:

    So they were members of the Religion of Piece of Shit after all. I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise. The question now is were they a long term sleeper cell, or did they get radicalized by the spoon-fed anti-Americanism in college?

  2. jokelly65 says:

    according to BBC news, the father express Disbelief “Anzor Tsarnaev told the BBC that that he believed the secret services had framed his sons.

    “It was a terrorist attack carefully organized by secret services – I don’t know which ones. My son used to go to a mosque, so they once paid us a visit to ask why he is doing that.

    “Yes, there was such an episode. So they put all the blame on him and shot him. That’s it.”

    then the uncle of the Slime was interviewed

    “Ruslan Tsarni, an uncle of the suspects who lives in Maryland, said he was “ashamed” of their alleged involvement in the bombings.

    “Yes of course we’re ashamed, they’re the children of my brother,” he said.

    Asked what the bombers’ motives may have been, he replied: “Being losers, hating everyone around them.””

    got to love a religion of peace.

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