Komputer Kindergarten and other stuff 4/25/2013

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GizmodoKim Komando explains what a computer is to the unwashed masses of the 90’s.

"What happens when you press the wrong button? Does it blow up?"

Oh if only; my life would be so much simpler.

Kim Komando still hosts a weekly radio show that is pretty entertaining and last I saw she was still pretty cute, plus she is a huge supporter of our troops.


Hacker NewsFrom Bank Fraud to Hacking Iceland Has It All

All right I admit to a little poetic license with the title, but the point is basically the same – Iceland is suddenly becoming some sort of data haven.  Yesterday the Icelandic Supreme Court ruled that the local Visa subsidiary had to process payments to Wikileaks and then today the Icelandic domain registrar announced it will protect The Pirate Bay.  How they square that with outlawing internet porn I don’t quite know.

Krebs on SecuritySWATting related to exposure of ID Theft sites used by XBox gamers to harass Microsoft employees that enforce XBox Live rules. 

Specifically, two different sources placed blame for the attacks on a young hacker named “Phobia,” who they said was part of a group of Xbox gaming enthusiasts who used ssndob.ru to look up Social Security numbers belonging to high-value Xbox account holders — particularly those belonging to Microsoft Xbox Live employees. Armed with that information, and some social engineering skills, the hackers could apparently trick Microsoft’s tech support folks into transferring control over the accounts to the hackers. “I heard he got pissed that you released the site he uses,” one of the sources told me, explaining why he thought Phobia was involved.

There is just something wrong with the world when the police are being used to dish out vigilante justice to settle video game disputes.  (I should note this is all speculation.  While it may be true that what Mr. Krebs has written here is 100% accurate it hasn’t actually been proved yet.  Things can change)

SlashdotFifth Amendment Applies to Encryption Keys

As I understand it – There were multiple encrypted drives in the house. The FBI knew that there was child porn on one of the drives but not which one.  The FBI wanted the defendant to be compelled to decrypt all the drives.  The Judge said no because to do so would be to admit that he (the defendant) had control of the drive and therefore of the child porn and that would amount to a compelled confession and would violate the fifth amendment.  

This differs from other cases in that the government couldn’t actually demonstrate that the drive and data  in question belonged to the defendant.  In those cases the fifth amendment didn’t apply because the decryption didn’t tell the government anything it wasn’t already able to prove.

The Hacker NewsChinese Hackers Targetting American Drones

Prelude to drone hijacking? 

  1. Storm Saxon's Gall Bladder says:

    Back in 1985 people were afraid that computers would blow up if the wrong button was touched. Thanks to hollywood, i could write five lines of basic on my C-64 and terrify people. (Press any key to begin countdown to self destruction! Oh Crap!!) By 1995 i don’t think anyone believed that anymore.

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