A pre-post-post-peak oil post and other stuff

Posted: April 26, 2013 by chad98036 in Uncategorized

The AtlanticWhat if we never run out of oil?

Basically a look at the history of “peak oil” and how it has driven new methods of energy production / extraction wrapped up in climate alarmism.  Come for the tasty hydrocarbons stay for the preaching, but it does make the point that the constant drum beat about diminishing oil supplies is overdone.

GizmodoAnonymous takes down NAMBLA’s homepage to protest “Pedophilia Pride Day”

Two points in that headline make my teeth hurt:

1.  NAMBLA has a homepage

2.  There is a “Pedophilia Pride Day” (God please don’t let there be Pedophilia Pride Parades it’s only 6am and I already feel like my head might explode)


today is Alice Day, a day inspired by Lewis Carroll’s debated sexual attraction to Alice In Wonderland’s very underage and very real counterpart, when proud pedophiles come together in celebration of their disorder. So it’s a beautiful day for a NAMBLA takedown, and Anonymous was happy to answer the call.

I have another potential name for it – Target Practice, but then that would send us all to jail and who would be left to write inane blogposts like this one.

The New YorkerWhat if the Tsarnaevs had been the “Boston Shooters”

Well then among other things John Cassidy wouldn’t have been able to write such a douchebag article.  More handwringing over guns, don’t read it.

The VergeBill Gates and Steve Ballmer join FWD.us

I’m telling you guys this group means bad, bad things.  Not because I am anti-immigrant, but because, frankly, I don’t trust Zuckerberg.  Immigration reform is step one on a long liberal slope.

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