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Posted: April 28, 2013 by chad98036 in Uncategorized

Hmmm, I haven’t written a book post in quite awhile, mainly because I colored in all the pictures and the sticker books are just boring, but here we go:

What have I been reading lately

Military SciFi

Terms of Enlistment – An Amazon Kindle single.  Generally well written.  The story overall is fairly satisfying but the ending just leaves you hanging.  A little more thought should have been put into rolling that up.  It’s obvious that the writer has some military experience and there is a scene in the middle of the book that seems like it was taken directly from the Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down) .  2.5 stars because the ending was really unsatisfying otherwise probably 3.25 to 3.5.

Poor Man’s Fight  – Another Amazon Kindle single.  Also generally well written, although the basic premise of why the main character joined the navy is a little too contrived.  Yes I could see the societal developments that have occurred in this fictional universe developing, what I don’t see is the idea that the main character is the only one to figure out how he was screwed over.  There are some other issues too (like how do you simultaneously vent every single compartment on a spaceship that is designed to maintain vacuum integrity) but they don’t detract much.  Again the guy who wrote it obviously has military experience.  Also again the ending is weak but not as weak as Terms of Enlistment.  3 stars.

Ender’s Game – ReRead. I still think it sucks.  1 star no link.

Military Fiction

Empire and Honor – Just another installment in the Honor Bound series by WEB Griffin.  Take it or leave it, like all the books co-written with his son huge continuity holes.  1.25 stars  read it for series completeness nothing else.


Learn Windows Powershell 3.0 in a Month of Lunches
Informative, easy to read, worthwhile if you need to do much scripting.  I have to do a moderate amount and it would help me tremendously to improve my skills in it which is why I bought the book.  I have been picking thru it on an as needed basis but I do intend to go thru the day 1 thru 24 and do the exercises.  4 stars.

In the Plex – An in-depth look at the history and culture of Google.  Jumps around a bit, but very informative.  Also very depressing, remember the scene in "The Big Bang Theory" where Penny says to Sheldon, "I’m just a blonde monkey to you"? Well reading this books makes me realize I haven’t even achieved Google monkey status. 3.5 stars woul be 4 to 4.5 but the author made me cry myself to sleep so I am penalizing him.


Class Warfare -  An excellent book looking at the fight for educational reform starting with "A Nation at Risk" and culminating with "Race to the Top"  Surprisingly positive towards the efforts of both George W. Bush and Barack Obama and very critical of the teachers unions.  I think it may overstate the case for even high performing charters a bit, but it does point out in a number of places that these are very high performing schools and their successes can’t just be duplicated using some sort of cookie cutter approach.  4.5 stars

All the Devils are Here – Probably the best recounting of the systemic events that led up to the 2007 – 2008 housing bubble burst.  Greed and Stupidity battle it out for top place and stupidity wins.  4.5 stars

Jeez, all that work on a post no one will read so I can post a picture of Jordan Carver in a sailor suit. 

  1. If Ender’s Game hadn’t been hyped as The Best Thing Ever, I would’ve liked it more. I listened to the audiobook, and when it was over, I thought “that’s it”?

  2. chad says:

    That’s part of it, but I also don’t buy into the whole “an 8 year old is our only savior” b.s. In general there was just so much wrong with the book that it pisses me off. I have also picked up Little Brother by Cory Doctrow and I am sure it will suffer from the same type of issues. Overhyped, huge logic holes etc.

    • I guess that’s my problem with it, which is also one issue that I have with the Ice and Fire series, the kids seem too young for what they are doing. Also, the pacing of Ender was a little slow. I did like the twist at the end, where the simulations turned out to be the real thing.

  3. only me says:

    Read the post, loved enders game but read it without seeing review many years ago, n didnt get the savior bit till the followup books, probably should reread to see if 20 years difference in me makes the book look weaker, but remember thinking it rivaled Dune and Stranger in a Strange Land and The City and the Stars and the Foundation trilogy for genre impact, agree on the WEB Griffin stuff, have u tried John Ringo’s stuff?? Sailor suit was well worth oogling

  4. I really like Ender’s Game. I’m curious what you didn’t like about it.

  5. chad says:

    Mark – fair question and I will post a more detailed response later.

    Only Me – I have read John Ringo’s stuff and except for his voyage into bondage porn with Ghost I have enjoyed it. I am not following the Kildar series because of Ghost – not because I am a prude in general I am a kind of what you do to get off short of sexualized serial killing or flat out rape is your business, but the description of the main character with the two girls on the boat in Ghost made me think of the scene in Dodge ball when they all come out in bondage gear and I just couldn’t take the book or the character seriously after that.

    • Oh man, I’m so with you on John Ringo. I thought his first three books were seriously great military sci-fi and then I read Ghost…yeah. I stopped reading a lot of his stuff after that. I also liked his ‘There will be Dragons’ series, the first book promised to be a real ‘fantasy’ novel but then we got the whole Gary Stu main character thing and it sorta devolved for me.

      I’ll be interested to see what you thought about Ender’s Game. I won’t try to defend the rest of the books in the series but I thought Ender’s Game itself was pretty solid and interesting.

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