Slashdot asks, “What if we never run out of oil?” and other stuff 4/1/2013

Posted: May 1, 2013 by chad98036 in Uncategorized

SlashdotFollowing up on the Atlantic’s article, “What If We Never Run Out of Oil?”

Slashdot poses that question to it’s readers.  Neckbearded Tree-huggery fun follows.

Ars TechnicaApple proves once again that taxes like rules are for the little people.

Which brings us directly to the third point: Much of Apple’s $145 billion in cash and investments come from sales outside the US and it’s locked down in bank accounts on foreign shores. Simply closing those bulging Swiss, Irish, and Cayman bank accounts would make Apple’s cash subject to so-called repatriation taxes. As much as one-third of that cache would go to Uncle Sam. The company only has about $45 billion in dollar-denominated All-American cash on hand to power that generous dividend and buyback program.

So to recap Apple’s position as a company which overwhelmingly supported President Obama and the Democrats – Taxes on upper middle class and lower upper class families and small to medium businesses – good.  Taxes on mega-wealthy corporations and their overseas earnings – bad. 

That’s really all I have today, sorry.

  1. goober says:

    I’m all for doing away with corporation taxes alltogether. They just get passed on in a stealth manner to the consumer anyway with a markup added for the trouble. I think the less you can hide the total tax bill from the end taxpayer the better. When they fully understand how much they’re really paying maybe they’ll he inclined to do something about it.

    Corporation taxes are double taxation and accomplish nothing other than to hide a total tax from the end user

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