I’m starting to wonder if Romney wanted to win

Posted: May 9, 2013 by aliceaitch in GOP FAIL, Government FAIL, Islam - a religion of tolerance and peace, Mideast Madness

We’ve got the Project Orca disaster that has already been covered to pieces (with the exception of maybe mentioning that Romney’s staff was informed beforehand, emphatically, by at least one Republican county chair here in Colorado that the names of the pollwatchers absolutely had to be sent to the county chairs to be sent to the county clerk for certification), and now we have a powerful ad about the Benghazi slaughter that was pulled because it wasn’t about the economy.

The ad is even more haunting considering foreign service officer Gregory Hicks testified that he failed to answer his phone because he didn’t recognize the number on caller ID. Not that it would have made a lick of difference how quickly he answered his phone since there was no intention on the part of our federal government to send aid to our consulate.

I’m feeling like Romney did everything he could to throw the election short of giving a donkey a blowjob on national television.

  1. Thomas F says:

    By not going after Obama on Bengazi, he did blow a donk on national television.

  2. Third News says:

    9:45 p.m. — and all times will be Libyan times, a six-hour time difference — the RSO John Martinec ran into my villa yelling, “Greg! Greg! The consulate’s under attack.” And I stood up and reached for my phone because I had an inkling or thought that perhaps the ambassador had tried to call me to relay the same message. And I found two missed calls on the phone, one from the ambassador’s phone and one from a phone number I didn’t recognize.

    And I punched the phone number I didn’t recognize, and I got the ambassador on the other end. And he said, “Greg, we’re under attack.”

    Gregory Hicks did not fail but you are right about our leadership.

  3. “I’m feeling like Romney did everything he could to throw the election short of giving a donkey a blowjob on national television.”

    I’m thinking that would have helped him. Might have made him more likable to all the liberal Democrats. As it was, he didn’t hug his garbage man, and you know he killed that woman….

  4. guy says:

    From 1972-1995 I consistently placed my bets on the Washington Generals because every year was obviously the year when ‘The team would really come into its own!!’

    Oddly enough the Hard Charging Generals never failed to disappoint.

    In my darkest days I have to admit that sometime I thought that just maybe the whole thing was rigged.

  5. Mark E says:

    Well — savage attacks against republicans in the primary and playing kissy kissy with the Kenyan in the general election should have been a major clue

    Also hiring Juan McCain’s staff should have been another

    Repeated attacks against the conservative base is also a data point

    The rnc isn’t interested in winning elections. Its much easier for them to plead for money to win the next one than it is to actually deliver on their promises if they are in office

  6. The Political Hat says:

    “I’m feeling like Romney did everything he could to throw the election short of giving a donkey a blowjob on national television.”

    Um, isn’t that what he essentially did in the last two debates?

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