China is at it again and other stuff 5/28/13

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itnewsChinese hackers steal ASIO (Australian State Intelligence Office) blueprints and documents

the compromised blueprints included details on the building’s security systems, communications networks and server room locations.

also stolen in other attacks – unclassified emails and reports, a couple of classified reports, one highly classified and apparently a number of other items. 

more China –

The VergeChinese hackers reportedly accessed designs for advanced US weapons systems

Not a lot to be said here except that the report blames lax IT security (Bradley Manning anyone) at DoD and associated defense contractors for a large portion of the problem. Pages 67 thru 80 of the report make specific recommendations for dealing with this issue.  Another issue that they blame for increasing vulnerability is the reliance on foreign made components.

List of the weapons systems compromised

On the other hand –

Wired This Pentagon Project Makes Cyberwar as Easy as Angry Birds

With Plan X, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking to change all that. It wants munitions made of 1s and 0s to be as simple to launch as ones made of metal and explosives. It wants cyberattack stratagems to be as predictable as any war plan can be. It  wants to move past the artisanal era of hacking, and turn cyberwarfare into an industrial effort. Across the U.S. government, there are all kinds of projects to develop America’s network offense. None are quite like this.

“Plan X is a program that is specifically working towards building the technology infrastructure that would allow cyber offense to move from the world we’re in today — where it’s a fine, handcrafted capability that requires exquisite authorities to do anything… to a future where cyber is a capability like other weapons,” Darpa director Arati Prabhakar told reporters last month. “A military operator can design and deploy a cyber effect, know what it’s going to accomplish… and take an appropriate level of action.

Reading this article, with all it’s World of Warcraft mentions and other gamer references, you can almost think it’s an Onion parody, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t.

The Washington PostUS lags Europe on paid vacation time

This story comes out every year and once again I say so what.

Season 4 of “Arrested Development” started on Netflix.  Another big who cares.  I thought the show was unfunny and boring the first time not going to bother with it this time around.

Finally – Return of the Internet Portal?

I think there is a possibility as more and more content accrues some sort of gatekeeping / organization tool will be needed.  I used Google Reader for that but others probably want more of a one stop shop.

  1. jokelly65 says:

    it still amazes me that companies and the US gov, dont use the greatest cyber protection system there is.. do not hook up computers to the net that hold classified materials.

  2. chad says:

    To be fair a lot of govt systems have a mandated air-gap between the govt network and the internet and most people are zealous about maintaining it but you always have the human stupidity factor, crossing USB keys between networks, unauthorized jumpers, just plain ignoring the rules because it’s inconvenient. It a. Never ending battle.

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