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Buy them, they kick ass,


All I can say is…

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If you guys are following the Kitchen Nightmares/ Amy’s Bakery epic meltdown,


This. Is. EPIC.

Says the Twat, denying linkage because A) Frum is a twat, B) said website’s derpy attempts to make you pay licensing for fair use, and C) fuck yo licensing, beyotch,


Open a small arms history book, Twat, odds are good you’ll see this curiosity,


The FP-45 Liberator…we cranked out a million of these in WWII with the idea being airdrop them into occupied Axis territory so resistance fighters could plug Fritz in the back of the head and take his Mauser.  The US didn’t end up following through with using many of these, and most were destroyed after the war.  The concept was revisited in Vietnam, with the Deer gun, but the CIA quickly ditched the idea after a limited run of 1000.  3d printed guns and components may mean in the future that occupied and oppressed peoples have the means to fight with such weapons, without relying on a foreign power supplying them.  All the screeching about ZOMG THE GLOCK 7 METAL TECTERZ!!!! is a sideshow. Of course Frum probably knows that, which is why he’s a twat…

We’ve got the Project Orca disaster that has already been covered to pieces (with the exception of maybe mentioning that Romney’s staff was informed beforehand, emphatically, by at least one Republican county chair here in Colorado that the names of the pollwatchers absolutely had to be sent to the county chairs to be sent to the county clerk for certification), and now we have a powerful ad about the Benghazi slaughter that was pulled because it wasn’t about the economy.

The ad is even more haunting considering foreign service officer Gregory Hicks testified that he failed to answer his phone because he didn’t recognize the number on caller ID. Not that it would have made a lick of difference how quickly he answered his phone since there was no intention on the part of our federal government to send aid to our consulate.

I’m feeling like Romney did everything he could to throw the election short of giving a donkey a blowjob on national television.

The TelegraphChina may not overtake America this century after all

Ooops, awkward. 

Seriously though I think if you thought this thru you kind of had to see it coming.  China is aging itself out of competition with it’s one child policy, and there have been rumors about them cooking the books on their economic growth for a long time.  This reminds me of the “Rising Sun” era in the 80’s and early 90’s when the fear was Japan was going to dominate the world and buy out the US.  Look how well that worked out. 

If I was betting on a country that might (might mind you) eventually supplant America as the dominant world power I would bet on India, except they are so damn resource poor, but the have the population and it is a growing young population and they have the educational infra structure and are making market reforms that have already substantially expanded their economy.  If they play it right they could really explode over the next few years.

EndgadgetSo about those Indian reforms (subtitle “Chad you F’in idiot”)

A new system for monitoring almost everything that’s going on inside India’s telecoms network has been quietly launched. The Central Monitoring System will offer tax collectors, law enforcement and and other agencies the ability to scrutinize phone calls, text messages, emails, social networking and general web activity.

So possibly a little hiccup in the general reform policy, but I think in general my theory still holds since I offered the massive qualifiers about them playing their cards right. 

GizmodoBe a superspy like the NSA

Following a Freedom of Information Act request by MuckRock, the National Security Agency has been forced to make public a book it produced called Untangling the Web: A Guide to Internet Research. Understandably, it’s full of gems

Whoo-hoo let the games begin.

New York TimesStephen Hawking joins anti-Israel boycott.

Personally I am not a fan of Israel, purely on the basis of some of their past actions not because I think the state is illegitimate of some simmering anti-Semitism, but when comparing the two sides to decide that the Palestinians are the good guys is just retarded.

TechCrunchWatch the Earth change on Google maps.

a series of interactive time lapse images that progress year-by-year, showing exactly how things have changed in key areas like the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest, booming metropolitan areas like Las Vegas and Dubai, and the progress of large bodies of water like the Aral Sea.


Oops. I can, perhaps, be forgiven for my confusion seeing as how a bunch of wealthy L.A.-area liberals got together last night to give an award to an undeserving, egomaniacal leftist hack:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived at a Beverly Hills gala to much fanfare on Wednesday as she prepared to accept an award for her public service.

Local volunteers from a national organization called “Ready for Hillary 2016″ were organized outside the Beverly Wilshire hotel, where the Pacific Council on International Policy would be honoring the secretary.

The Council awarded Clinton with the inaugural Warren Christopher Public Service Award, named after the former secretary of state who served under her husband, former President Bill Clinton, from 1993 to 1996.


The award in his name honors “the public service of others whose work reflects his distinctive leadership qualities,” according to the Pacific Council, which considers itself “the premier international affairs organization focused on policy issues of special resonance to the West Coast”, according to its website.

Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods were all unable to attend the gala for some reason.
You know, we could ask questions about whether any of the people involved in this ceremony had anything like “shame,” “decency,” or “honor” here, but at this point, what difference would it make?

Kinda happy about the Sanford win

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Purely for trolling the left.  LOL, they spent 5 to 1 on that district, and lost to flaky adulterer dude.

Presented without context

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The pods, which covered her gums, tongue and cheek, were filled with an ejaculatory apparatus and sperm, with the apparatus discharging the sperm very forcefully.



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Dat Teef

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