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Just the stuff that caught my eye this morning –

Ars TechnicaMillions of Smart Phones Susceptible to Hijacking.

(T)he defects allow attackers to obtain the encryption key that safeguards the user credentials. Hackers who possess the credentials—including the unique International Mobile Subscriber Identity and the corresponding encryption authentication key—can then create a duplicate SIM that can be used to send and receive text messages, make phone calls to and from the targeted phone, and possibly retrieve mobile payment credentials. The vulnerabilities can be exploited remotely by sending a text message to the phone number of a targeted phone.

I blame Microsoft and George W. Bush.

Schneier on SecurityProsecuting Snowden

Basically he feels like it isn’t worth it.   In a way I agree, prosecuting him just feeds his need for attention and personally I have come to the conclusion that the information he is providing is either made up or out of date (mainly based on the fact that his claims are always released with no corroboration)

Schneier on SecurityA link to an article on the attempt to sue the NSA.

LA TimesCybercrime may be costing the US economy up to $140 billion and 508,000 jobs per year.

New methodology, actually decreases previous estimates which ranged up to $1 Trillion / yr. 

Apparently they decided to use some economic models and instead of surveying affected companies when they started getting answers in the range of Eleventy Gazilion Trillion Billion and claims of missing Picassos stored in the trunks of the hacked servers. 

More from the Verge

  1. Catseye says:

    Not just your smartphone but your car can be hacked too. I haven’t had many plesant thoughts since I read about that.

  2. chad says:

    So far that has required an actual physical connection to the car through the onboard diagnostic port. That’s why I skipped it :-).

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