Saving Barnes and Noble and other stuff 7/27/13

Posted: July 28, 2013 by chad98036 in Uncategorized

The American Conservative via Hacker News10 Ways to Save Barnes and Noble.

#2. Cultivate your ‘secret sauce’: the serendipitous experience of discovery.
Add opportunity for discovery by using more tables than bookshelves. “Physical discovery is the secret sauce of retailing and publishing.”
– Simon Lipskar, Writers House, Wall Street Journal

#7. Downsize your image.
Create a “community franchise,” like Washington, D.C.’s Ace Hardware stores: “The owner names each of them after its neighborhood, but the small chain benefits from the buying power and branding of a national distribution network.”
– Lydia DePillis, Washington Post

Out of the 10 suggestions the first 4 seem the most useful.  Suggestion 5 just seems stupid to me but maybe it would work.

SlashdotAnnouncement of a new collaborative editing program.

Not normally the kind of thing that you would probably be interested in, but the comments make it all worth while. 

The VergeVirus tricks man into turning himself in for child porn

tl:dr – Guy is surfing the net gets a ransomware message from “the FBI” takes computer to local police station they find child porn. 

The scammers don’t get their $500 but overall a happy ending to that particular story.

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