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Krokodil attacks in Arizona

Posted: September 26, 2013 by doubleplusundead in FAIL, Funniest End of Civilization Evah

For those who have never heard of krokodil, this video from Vice will give you all you’ll ever want or need to know about krokodil.  Krokodil started in Russia as a cheaper or more readily available alternative to heroin, and we all know how much Russians love their heroin, except this alternative also causes people’s flesh to rot.  And it’s here now.

Krokodil, it’s a helluva drug.

Every Wednesday needs a pantsing

Posted: September 25, 2013 by aliceaitch in Soccer - sport of men


I’m seeing stray reports that GOP House members are talking about shifting from the continuing resolution to the debt ceiling.  While I appreciate the never-say-die sentiment, this makes zero sense.

The debt ceiling is a bigger bomb than the CR.  If the Vichy Republicans are unwilling to have a little ol’ government shutdown over the CR, they will absolutely shit their pants at the prospect of hitting the debt ceiling.

It ain’t happening.  The CR is the only way we’re going to get any significant concessions.

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Entertainment

Posted: September 24, 2013 by veeshir in Filthy Hippies, Green Goofs, Win!

Okay, that’s funny.

Russia’s top investigative agency said Tuesday it will prosecute Greenpeace activists on piracy charges

Putin is messing with Obama and Greenpeace.
He’s a man after my own heart, too bad he’s such a budding Tsar/Bond-Villain.

H/T a friend of mine. You don’t know him and I’d like to keep it that way.

Fucking magnets

Posted: September 23, 2013 by doubleplusundead in Uncategorized

How do they work?  I really hope this is some prank, but I have a feeling this is legit.

From the site:

Why Constitute?

New constitutions are written every year. The people who write these important documents need to read and analyze texts from other places. Constitute offers access to the world’s constitutions that users can systematically compare them across a broad set of topics — using a modern, clean interface.

The site itself is pretty easy to use.  You can browse by countries, which will allow you to download the full text of a countries constitution   or you can enter a specific topic (i.e Freedom of Religion) and compare between all the countries whose constitutions mention the topic.  For the record, I took a quick look at a few topics and a couple constitutions; maybe it is just my American jingoism but the US Constitution seems to be the best written and most elegant by far.


(h/t Hacker News)

Limey prick suggest UN invasion to disarm American citizens

Posted: September 21, 2013 by doubleplusundead in Uncategorized


If they stop to think about their own interests, moderate Democratic Senators might agree to defund Obamacare. Frankly, it’s a gift they’re being handed on a silver platter, should they choose to accept it.

Obamacare is a disaster. To say that it’s a train wreck is a ridiculous understatement. Obamacare is to a train wreck as a train wreck is to a lazy Sunday brunch. It’s more like the Hindenburg times a thousand. Everybody hates it. People are losing their employer sponsored plans, having their hours cut, losing jobs, private plans are being canceled, labor unions hate it, … America hates it.

What better way to demonstrate one’s moderate credentials than by breaking with a decreasingly popular President over the single worst public policy enacted in living memory?

I mean, is Obamacare really the hill you’re willing to die on?

Worried about being kicked off the “team”? You shouldn’t. Do you really want to be associated with the Obama-crats when some of the scandals start to really kick in?

How about when it becomes public knowledge that the administration was running an illegal gun smuggling operation through Benghazi?

How about when people start going to jail over the IRS scandal? Or when Eric Holder finally has to fall on his proverbial sword over any number of likely criminal activities he’s been involved in, from Fast and Furious to multiple commissions of perjury? Or when it becomes politically unsustainable that the administration is providing weapons to Al Qaeda affiliates in Syria? … Or any number of other absurdities that this administration has perpetrated.

There aren’t a lot of scenarios where Obama gets more popular in his second term, and realistically there are a few where he could even be impeached.

Still want to hang on to the job-killing, economy-killing, person-killing Obamacare?

Could be a career-killer.