Posted: September 3, 2013 by veeshir in Exploding things, GOP FAIL, Jitardis, Mideast Madness, Obama's Fault, Op/Sped

Don’t do it. We don’t need to be deal with Syria. Let al Quaeda (Saudi Arabia) fight Hezbollah (Iran) in fucking Syria.

Let’s get the Palis involved too. Tell Hamas that Hezbollah is going to ally with the Israelis in the Pali Terrortories for help in Syria. They want to kill Hezbollah anyway, why not let them do it in Syria?

The only aid, military or monetary, we should send should be transportation for jihadis to Syria. Hell, give them each an AK and an RPG when they get off the fucking bus.

Now, if we were going to do what we did in Iraq, go in for a decade and fight jihadis for that 10 years showing the Syrians what terrorists are like, I’d be fer it. Let’s have a war on terror in another terror-supporting country, but……

We have a bunch of feckless, booger-eating morons in charge who have neither the balls, the brains nor the br….leadership skills to actually accomplish anything useful.

Obama nearly lost Iraq a couple of years after we won.

They’re going to bomb some shit and declare “Mission Accomp……ummmmm….. ‘Job Done!” and be about their business.

You know, like when we blew up that aspirin factory in Sudan and shot some $2 million missiles at a tent. That worked out well.

A long time ago I said that the reign of Obama reminded me of the worst of the 90s with the added attraction that it looks like we lost the Cold War.

I’d be happier about saying I told you so if it weren’t so utterly disastrous.

So, has anybody figured out if there is a German word for being all pissed off and/or depressed when you say, “I told you so”?

Like, Ganzknewitschlechtschwanz or something.

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