Am I hearing this right?

Posted: September 10, 2013 by doubleplusundead in Uncategorized

Gibble’s is no more?  Supposedly some stupid prick bought them and quit selling Gibble’s product?  Fuckers.  I’m trying to not be such a fat bastard so I’ve been eating healthy shit, but motherfucker, Gibble’s were fucking awesome, these,


These things are fucking incredible.  They are, or were the best fucking cheesy poof on the planet.  You’d devour the entire fucking bag before you even realized you’d done so.

  1. Sockless Joe says:

    If true, this is a crime against humanity. I can absolutely vouch for the fact that Gibbles are the best. And I don’t even eat a lot of junk food anymore. It’s been ages since I had any cheesy poofs.

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