Obama’s Masterful Stroke!

Posted: September 10, 2013 by veeshir in Uncategorized

Ace asks,

Question: Why Would Putin and Assad Rush In to Save Obama’s Political Face When They’re Plainly Winning?


The chinless ophthalmologist didn’t just cross Obama’s red line, he pissed all over it and there were no repercussions. Hell, Obama spent a few days explaining that he never said there would be, it was all those other people. Probably racists.

If they didn’t do something, Obama might blunder us, and them, into a war on our timing. He was backing himself into a corner and his crew of Smart Power types are idiots. John Fucking Kerry was in charge for fuck’s sake.

So what repercussions were there? Well, Assad has to use small arms and artillery to kill “his” people and we get the unentertaining kabuki of UN inspectors who hate America accomplishing nothing all with Obama busily arming Al Quaeda.

We look like tools. And not Craftsman tools, but those weak, Dollar Store tools.

Think of what happened when we pulled Saddam out of his hole. Ghadeafieey said, “Hey, look at all these bad weapons I just found.”

This is the opposite of that. Assad looks stronger as does Putin in relation to an ensmallened America.

As FrnakJ said long ago, Obama might not be out to destroy America, but his actions make more sense if you assume that.

I will say this is the best outcome for America.

Obama’s ill-considered remarks set the stage for us looking weak. He never meant to back up his threat, he just wanted to say it to look tough. I didn’t want to make Assad look even stronger when we spend $100 million blowing up $50k work of crap but let him live and stay in power.

The best outcome, after Obama said that, would have been us invading Syria and doing an Iraq on their asses. Bring It On. Unfortunately, we have a feckless bunch of ignorant fools running things so there was no chance of that.

I was wondering if we would see a revolt of generals if he tried to send in a Mogadishu/Red Shirt Battalion with no goal, just a bunch of self-contradictory Rules of Engagement under the aegis of the UN, but we’ve avoided that possibility.

Save us from more of Obama’s victories.

  1. You and words…like a match made in Heaven. Also, where have you been??

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