WTF is wrong with California?

Posted: September 16, 2013 by Sean M. in Democratic morality, Edumakashun, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Government FAIL

I know, I know, it would much be easier and less time consuming at this point to list the things that are right with California, but my home state provides provides an instructive (read horrifying) look at what happens when the Democrat party and its allies are allowed to run things without any real opposition. For instance:

In 2012, the Assembly considered a bill making it easier to fire teachers who sexually abuse students. Consider for a second that word “easier” — should anything be easier than simply firing somebody who molests children? The bill was written in response to the case of a Los Angeles elementary-school teacher who was fired after being accused of sexually abusing his students, and who challenged his firing. Rather than act in accord with the horrifying details of the case, the school district paid the teacher $40,000 to drop his appeal. That’s small change compared with the $30 million settlement the district is paying to the teacher’s alleged victims as a result of the case, or, for that matter, compared with the $23 million bail requirement that is keeping teacher Mark Berndt behind bars as he awaits trial on 23 felony counts of gruesome sexual abuse.

Against that background, making it easier to fire teachers facing credible accusations of sexual abuse seems like a pretty straightforward proposition. But the California Teachers Association and other unions presented a united front against a bill passed by the state senate, and it died in the Assembly.

There’s ever so much more at the link, but you might want to skip this one if your blood pressure is on the high side. I suppose the only silver lining here is that it’s going to be a bit of a stretch for anybody to blame this shit on conservatives, though I’m sure there’s some way they can bitch about this being a consequence of Prop 13, which is the default response among our state’s lefties whenever they manage to fuck up public education even more.

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