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I just put that up there because it seems as if every TV show has “Monsters” in the title today and I want to fit in.


This link from Wyatt illustrates that horror film chicks are hot. (warning: annoying fucking autoplay thing), it’s not 7 of 9 or T’Pol but you know, still hot.

Mmmmmm T’Pol. (more…)

Some Links

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Some guy found his Star Wars laserdisc and posted some clips from it. Eh, it’s crappy editing but sorta cool. It’s not nearly as good as Shatner singing Rocketman though.

Obama is blowing off the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.

I can understand that, after all, America ending slavery probably drove his slave-selling ancestors out of the business.

The puppy blender has a twitter feed on his site (not sure why,  it’s redundant considering he’s been tweeting for 10 years), saw this one.



It’s not funny cuz it’s true.

And last, and probably not least, this shows why you can’t trust your vital, national resources to commie regimes.

California is threatening our supply of  Sriracha.

It won’t affect me too much, I prefer Frank’s Red Hot, but I can’t but think that they’ll come after that next.

No More Russian Pop Music

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I’ve discovered Thai Pop Music now


Malice or Incompetence?

Posted: October 30, 2013 by veeshir in Obama's Fault

According to CBS, the Obamacare website failed every test in the days leading up to 10/1.

So in other words, as they were attacking people who wanted to delay the website as terrorists, seditionists and bomb-throwers (names they won’t use for actual terrorists, seditionists and bomb throwers) they had ample knowledge of the imminent failure.

So did they not delay the website out of malice or imcompetence? And which is worse?

I’d say malice is much worse.

We expect malice and incompetence in huge measures from this crew, but the scope of ensuring the website didn’t work for some nefarious, commie, single-payer purpose is much scarier than that these fools thought the code would magically work because they really wanted it to work.


I’ve had a bad fever and head-ache for a few days, I haven’t slept or eaten much and I’ve been living on OTC medications.  Can you tell?

Are People Noticing The New Normal?

Posted: October 30, 2013 by veeshir in Obama's Fault

We’ve been watching far left, marxist, chicago-machine politics running our country for 5 years but suddenly there are stories about popping up all over the place.

We have Obama telling insurance companies to keep their mouths shut if they know what’s good for them.
When they sicced the Coast Guard on a reporter who did actual journalism on them, claiming they were searching for weapons but no charges filed and they took computers and notes, that really pissed me off, not because of what they did, I expect it from the lawless motherfuckers, but that they used the fucking Coast Guard.

I used to respect the fucking Coast Guard. Now? Fuck em. Go Navy!. He’s furthering the turning every gov’t agency into jackbooted thugs that started with dept’s like NASA and Social Security getting SWAT teams (that’s what the FBI is for you fucking mission-creepy assholes) and was furthered along by the barrycading bastids last month.

The rest of the fucking media should be going fucking crazy over that, but they know better than to do that with this crew.  as he even rigs it with this kneeling crew of suckophants, They fight each other to see who can get his talking points into the best question and still he does shit like this

“The reason the WH waits til last minute to announce a presser is cos reporters who get questions have already been tipped off. Rigged game.

The difference between what happens in Chicago is that instead of breaking their kneecaps,  he’ll sic the SEC, IRS, DHS, FBI and worst of all, the fanatic assholes in the EPA on them. Imagine the environmental impact report on your 60 story high-rise. You’ll have to tear it down and put it back up with a habitat for the rare, slightly darker brown bellied darter owl.

I had a point that tied it all together but I got really pissed off looking for that shit so you’ll have to figure it out for yourself(s).

Last night I tweeted, “If you’re a Republican who is STILL yammering about how the Cruz strategy was bad, you’re doing it wrong.” I’m not sure what good it’s doing at this point. Let’s discuss.

Ponnuru & Lowry at NRO:

It is a politics of perpetual intra-Republican denunciation. It focuses its fire on other conservatives as much as on liberals. It takes more satisfaction in a complete loss on supposed principle than in a partial victory, let alone in the mere avoidance of worse outcomes. It has only one tactic — raise the stakes, hope to lower the boom — and treats any prudential disagreement with that tactic as a betrayal. Adherents of this brand of conservative politics are investing considerable time, energy, and money in it, locking themselves in unending intra-party battle.

Actually, except for that third (objectionable) sentence, this applies as much –if not more so– to the “moderate”/establishment faction of the party. I mean, did I imagine John McCain’s and Lindsey Graham’s incessant bitching and name-calling?

I could go on at length about who was actually at fault here, but at this point it really doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, the “establishment” insists on playing the part of the nagging girlfriend – “I told you we should have turned left at Albuquerque!”

The key premise that has been guiding these conservatives, however, is mistaken. That premise is that the main reason conservatives have won so few elections and policy victories, especially recently, is a lack of ideological commitment and will among Republican politicians. A bigger problem than the insufficient conservatism of our leaders is the insufficient number of our followers. There aren’t enough conservative voters to elect enough officials to enact a conservative agenda in Washington, D.C. — or to sustain them in that project even if they were elected. The challenge, fundamentally, isn’t a redoubling of ideological commitment, but more success at persuasion and at winning elections.

This is an oft-repeated fallacy, or at least vast oversimplification, the narrative of the ideological purists (“priests” in Mike Murphy’s parlance) demanding more ideological commitment from the “mathematicians”. Say three Hail-Reagans and sin no more, my child. Yes, there are some “priests” –just as there are genuine RINO squishes– but this is a toddler’s crayon drawing of the problem.

The problem, as has been discussed recently on AoS, is that of not ever making the case for freedom/markets/enlightened self interest/etc. Scoring an inconsequential political vote might get you a five-second mention on the news and a good fundraising bit, but the summation of all this nothing is… nothing. The problem conservatives wish to address is exactly that – of conversion and education.

Are they always good at it. No? Is the establishment? Ask Presidents Dole, McCain, and Romney.

In their piece, Lowry and Ponnuru continue to play the nagging girlfriend for what seems like forever. They’re wrong on a whole host of points, but rather than give myself a migraine and carpal tunnel syndrome going back over it all, I’ll take my own advice and shut the hell up about the shutdown.

Two Morons of the Day!

Posted: October 28, 2013 by veeshir in Moron of the Day, Win!

And none of them are the dumb kind of morons or the Lemurking type.


First, we have one of Harvey’s alteregos writing that he’s a RINO and it makes absolute sense.

I don’t really want to take up the label “RINO” because of what it has represented. But, the reality is, the Republican Party isn’t a bunch of conservatives. But, a bunch of conservatives vote for the Republicans.

I never realized I was a RINO for many years, Now I’m an FYNQ. RTWT, it’s good.

Next we have Iowahawk being blamed for the disappearance of the girl on the Obamacare website debacle.

Conservative blogger David Burge tweeted she is now the ‘most despised face on planet


Okay, that’s hilarious even for Iowahawk.

I do feel for that poor girl but really, if she had been paying any attention she would not have associated herself with the Obama God-Presidency because it’s left many bodies bloody and bus-run-over in its wake.




Baby Steps

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60 Minutes Transcript of their Benghazi show. I didn’t watch but I read it all.

It’s worth reading and pretty decent except for one glaring omission.

What three words do you suppose are missing from that report?

Obama, Rice and Hillary.

It’s all “Washington”, “Defense attache”, “State”, “DOD” and they even manage to get a mention of “Congress” in there.

Pretty darn funny.


For the record, I started this early on page 2 when I saw the trend, I waited until I finished it to post.

I was going to put in some quotes, but really, what difference at this time does it make?


That’s Why It’s Number 2

Posted: October 27, 2013 by veeshir in Notes on the Revolution

Heh I say.

Required Reading

Posted: October 26, 2013 by veeshir in I'm Afraid I Can't Blog That, Moron of the Day

Bill Whittle has a new site.

That is all.

Oh, and don’t click “see more”.

Seriously. Don’t do it.

I’m not kidding. (more…)