Push Back

Posted: October 2, 2013 by veeshir in Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault

For 5 years the Obama administration has been pushing at Americans, seemingly trying to piss us off and screw with us, Fast and Furious and the IRS deal are perfect examples of Chicago Machine Politics writ large across our nation.

It’s certainly appeared possible that he wants civil unrest so he can unleash his overly armed, new federal forces, like with all the millions of rounds of ammo and the MRAPs,

Obama and crew obviously think we’re EUnuchs, as they go through Shutdown Theater and spend extra money to fuck with veterans they’re finding out we’re not.

As Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, distracted a Park Police representative, other lawmakers and their staff helped topple the metal fences. A bagpiper on hand for the event led the men past the crowd and into the heart of the memorial, attracting a large, applauding crowd.

Bagpipes, that’s an awesome touch.

Obama is going to keep pushing as hard as he can, and we’re pushing back.

I just keep thinking that Obama’s friends like that weatherman terrorist, Bill Ayers, are all in favor of reeducation camps for people like me and he might be thinking of trying something like that.

The endy ain’t as funny as it was, but it’s making up in the extra endiness.


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