Yeah, My Old One Gets That Too

Posted: October 5, 2013 by veeshir in Drunkblogging, Hotassery

We all saw the story last week about the person having a sex-change that went bad and then committed suicide.

But what I didn’t see anywhere was this article with this quote. (I did see it at Eric’s)

my new penis had symptoms of rejection

Story of my life.

But an interesting part of the story is the mentions of euthanasia (not Youth In Asia). They’re doing it for no reason except the people want to die.

is the same doctor who late last year gave lethal injections to congenitally deaf twins who were frightened they were also going blind.

Get it? They thought they might go blind. They weren’t actually blind.

And this from the sex-changee.

My( new breasts did not match my expectations and my new penis had symptoms of rejection. I do not want to be… a monster. “

Her penis hadn’t actually rejected her,

So in other words, a person who hated how (s)he looked enough to go through drastic, sex-change surgery was not happy with how (s)he looked after and so committed suicide.

Or rather, they all asked someone to kill them.

I’m not taking a position for or against euthansia, but that right there is pretty far down the road when they’re using it for people who obviously have psychological problems instead of people who are about to die a horrible death (cancer or something) who’ve decided to just move the timetable ahead.

That’s pretty much what critics said would happen.

Of course, it’s also probably pretty much what supporters expected as well.

This is kind of creepy.

the country (Belgium V) is currently deciding whether to extend “mercy killing” legislation to children.

That’s pretty disturbing.

I was reading my NY Times style guide and realized I’d have to post a correction on my reportage of the incident at the Capitol the other day.

There were no children killed and I failed to note that the woman did it because of all the Barrackades around the monuments in DC and the ocean. and she was also upset that Katie Perry had decided to cover up her ass ettes.

This went far afield from when I started, It was supposed to be dick jokes and then the correction.

Crown will do that.

A few pictures of the shutdown below the fold

Yeah, like I’m gonna post those pics below the fold.

I mentioned Katy so I has to post her, it’s in the styleguide.


Wow, that’s nice. You can’t just do one.


I have a few Veronica Lake ones left from when I posted about her, man is she freaking hot.


That’s nice side-boob.


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