If you like your doctor…

Posted: October 14, 2013 by Sean M. in Fun With Media, Lame, Liberal FAIL, Obama's Fault

…too bad, because he doesn’t work here anymore:

Hospitals, a reliable source of employment growth in the recession and its aftermath, are starting to cut thousands of jobs amid falling insurance payments and inpatient visits.

If you weren’t already sitting down, you might want to find a chair (or perhaps even a fainting couch) because the following is so stupid that it’s going to knock you right on your ass…

The payroll cuts are surprising because the Affordable Care Act (ACA), whose implementation took a big step forward this month, is eventually expected to provide health coverage to as many as 30 million additional Americans.

This is where most lefties and members of the press (BIRM) confuse the issue, sometimes deliberately, sometimes out of just plain stupidity. See, the thing is, health insurance and health care are two very different things. Since our writers (and there are two of them) claim to be surprised, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and guess that they’re tripped up by the fact that two out of the three words in “Affordable Care Act” are a teensy bit misleading.

Since supporters of this monstrosity are fond of saying, “Hey, everybody has to have car insurance!”–and note that they never call it car care–let’s use that as an analogy.

Not to give our friends on the left any bright ideas, but let’s say that tomorrow, a law would go into effect which stipulates that every man, woman and child in the country had to get car insurance, regardless of whether or not they owned a car or could even drive. Would this then mean that car dealerships auto parts stores and body shops would suddenly see a massive hiring boom? Of course not. Because those places don’t sell car insurance.

Furthermore, if the law mandated that businesses with a certain number of full-time employees had to pay for their car insurance, those automotive businesses might–surprisingly!–even start laying people off or trimming their hours in order to keep their costs low. This, in spite of the fact that millions of people who were previously uninsured now have access (mandated access, even) to car insurance.

Mind you, none of this even takes into account that some of these new customers were previously “uninsurable” (actually meaning that they couldn’t afford what companies would charge) because they were habitual drunk drivers, got into a lot of accidents, or were constantly getting speeding tickets. Or that some of these businesses (like the body shops) will have a hard time getting reimbursed by the government-run car insurance exchanges (State-Run Farm? Allpowerfulstate?) that a lot of these people buy their coverage from.

So, when you look at it that way, it’s maybe just a tad less surprising. But I’m not going to be surprised if we continue seeing such head-scratching going on from our betters in the MSM for quite a while.

Via Jim Treacher, who also scratches his head and asks, “Who could have predicted such a thing? For the past five years?”

  1. Ball Of Hate says:

    When you factor in that all of this is just a set up for the ultimate goal of getting “single payer” in place then it all makes sense. The commies know that being honest and telling the American public exactly what they are trying to pull will cause a HUGE backlash. So they trickle it out with these bullshit promises that sound great to LIV’s and in the mean time they have their cohorts in the media proclaiming “Sure 404care is a failure! That’s because the TeaBaggers made King Barky the First stop short of TRUE reform and implement single payer.” So now the LIV’s get introduced to the idea that if only we had a little more gov in our life things would just be so fucking peachy!
    I think we need to give all the libs another lesson in US history and show them how well shit worked out for the American Indians when the government ran every aspect of their lives.

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