Don’t Know Nothing ‘Bout History

Posted: October 17, 2013 by veeshir in Exploding things, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Obama's Fault

We’ve all seen this link where some Brit at the Grauniad (Unsafe, Grauniad link) says that Americans need to know what furriners think of us.

Now for me, in general, I couldn’t care less what furriners think of us, they should worry about what we think of them.

But this story is a little different from what I expected, this quote pretty much sums it up.

Ordinary Americans, and especially the small minority active in Democrat and Republican primaries, must learn more of what people across the globe are thinking and saying about the US. For if you follow that, you realise that the erosion of American power is happening faster than most of us predicted


See, in 1941 we discovered we couldn’t just ignore the world cuz the oceans aren’t that big any more. For 60+ years our leaders knew that lesson. Furriners with any brains knew it too.

Sure they bashed us at every opportunity, cuz they knew it was free.

Bash the USSR and you wake up dead with your balls stuffed in your mouth, bash the US and we apologize and give you a few hundred $million.

But under the benevolent, all-knowing, god-like Obama we’re letting the world blow up. Actively helping it in many instances (see, any Islamic country).

On the one hand, the world needs the lesson, on the other hand Americans need the lesson.

On the gripping hand (carpe scrotum), it’s bound to be one bloody lesson, just like the one we learned in the 40s.

China, Russia and all the Islamic terrorist types are watching America disengage from the world and throw our allies under the bus. If anything emboldens the invasiony dictator types it’s a disengaged America (see, Afghanistan in the 80s).

It’s getting very interesting waiting to see what’s going to blow up first in this brave new world.


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