Who Needs a Military?

Posted: October 22, 2013 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Obama's Fault

A few years ago FrnakJ said, “I’m not saying Obama is out to destroy America, but his actions make more sense if you assume that.”

Case in point.

“Right now,” Odierno said, “we have in the Army two brigades that are trained. That’s it. Two.”

Odierno also revealed that troops shipping out to Afghanistan now are prepared only to train and assist Afghan troops, not to conduct combat operations themselves

…reverse snip…That’s a total of between 7,000 to 10,000 troops

Obama has no fucking idea about how anything but marxist, chicago-machine politics works, he’s shirking the one duty that the Constitution allows him to do and Minitrue is refusing to report on that.

You’ll see lefties claim under Obama the federal gov’t actually shrank.

They’re possibly correct about that. He increased the bureaucracy even more than Bush, but he’s busily cutting the military to the bone.

So as the world is going to hell, he’s slashing our military’s size and readiness.

Once again, it’s all the worst parts of the 90s with the added attraction of looking as if we’d lost the cold war.


  1. jokelly65 says:

    is it any wonder every one from China to North Korea are flipping the bird at the US and doing what they want. while France seems to growing a big set of brass ones.

  2. veeshir says:

    The only thing that keeps me from feeling worse is that the rest of the world is exponentially more fucked.

    Although, I’ve been ignoring what he’s doing to the Navy, I just don’t want to know, but I don’t see anybody invading us.
    All they want is for us to leave them alone when they invade their neighbors.

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